Paul Walker MURDERED: DRONE ATTACK Strikes Car – Conspiracy Theory

By Geno McGahee,

 The madness continues after the death of FAST & FURIOUS star, Paul Walker. Initially, several websites and posters on message boards noted that the Walker did not die and that it was another death hoax. After several highly respected and established media outlets reported that he did actually have a fatal crash, a new idea sprouted. The Death Hoax curse was born, pointing to a supposed death hoax report one day before his death being posted. That was never proven and it is most likely false.


Now, there are “truthers” and then there are the fringe conspiracy theorists that believe that everything is somehow tied into the Illuminati, New World Order, big banks, government and so on. The story is that the car that Walker was in was hit by a drone strike and that the actor and the other driver had stumbled upon some information and were ready to expose a huge government conspiracy. This theory is about as silly as it gets and it takes away from the genuine questionable incidents. The people that have put stock in this are being clumped together with those that are pushing for the truth on other events where there are questions to be answered.

The death of Paul Walker was a tragedy but it wasn’t a government hit. This is most likely the cause of speeding and reckless driving. TMZ noted that Walker had bragged about going 185 MPH on the freeway once and basically gambled with everyone else’s life. A 40-year-old father of a child passing away quickly and violently is a terrible thing but it could have probably been avoided had the car not been driving so recklessly.

Stay tuned as the Paul Walker death hoax, drone strike conspiracy continues…