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Obama’s life-story-continues-to-unravel

B. Christopher Agee, In an administration defined by scandal, none have dogged Barack Obama longer or more persistently than the secrecy surrounding his past. While the left tries to discount those who question his life story with insulting pejorative, there has been little legitimate response to the genuine concerns of so-called “birthers.” In a recent […] Continue reading →

Gun Culture and the Manly Virtues

 The third issue of “Trigger” magazine, a fledgling editorial product of “Guns & Ammo” features a story on John Hinson, a Civil-War-era vigilante in Tennessee who, the story relates, meticulously assassinated Union Army officers after two of his own sons had been killed and beheaded. The piece is written with unabashed admiration for Hinson’s arbitrary […] Continue reading →

Does Obama have authority for immigration changes?

 President Barack Obama’s announcement of sweeping changes to the nation’s immigration system is likely to lead to a battle over their legality. Is he on solid legal ground? For months the White House and Obama’s supporters have insisted that he has the authority to direct immigration authorities to exercise discretion in deciding which immigrants in […] Continue reading →

2 Colorado Adults Die From Complications Of Enterovirus

 WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - At least two Colorado adults have died from complications from what may be enterovirus-68, the same strain that has afflicted hundreds, mostly children, across the country. Dr. Phil Emrie, a critical care pulmonologist at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge, says he treated adult patients who suffered from conditions similar to the virus. […] Continue reading →