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There’s a Spot in Hell Reserved for Bank Overdraft Fees

 Here’s one positive thing about bank fees: They unite almost everyone, at least in shared hatred. Few fees have a more unifying effect than overdraft fees — charges banks levy when adequate funds aren’t available. U.S. banks are fighting regulators’ proposals to collect more data on overdraft fees, Bloomberg’s Carter Dougherty reports. Overdraft fees totaled […] Continue reading →

Broadway mourns Hoffman as 3 face drug charges

 While three of four people arrested amid the investigation of the Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death were arraigned on drug charges, the New York theater community mourned the actor with a dimming of Broadway’s marquee lights and a candlelight vigil. The vigil Wednesday night was held outside the 90-seat home of the LAByrinth Theatre Company, where […] Continue reading →

NY police: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Heroin didn’t have additive

 Heroin recovered at Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s apartment after he was found there dead with a syringe in his arm has tested negative for the powerful additive fentanyl, a police official said Tuesday. Samples taken from Hoffman’s Manhattan apartment didn’t contain the potent synthetic morphine, which is added to intensify the high and has […] Continue reading →