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Missouri Crowd After Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed 17-Year-Old Boy: ‘Kill The Police’

 FERGUSON, Mo. — A law enforcement spokesman says a large crowd has confronted officers, yelling such things as “kill the police” after a police officer fatally shot a male in a St. Louis-area neighborhood. St. Louis County Police spokesman Brian Schellman says shots were heard at the scene Saturday afternoon in Ferguson, a few miles north […] Continue reading →

Prime chance in Iowa for potential 2016 candidates

 The lineup of potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates courting Iowa conservatives Saturday agreed on two things: America is on the wrong track and they could move it in the right direction. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and past caucus winners Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee addressed more than […] Continue reading →

Biden Plans to Live off Taxpayers Forever

 Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll trip over Hillary coming out of the WH and have a fall to the bottom of the WH steps and we won’t have to pay him. Washington Free Beacon – by Bill McMorris  Vice President Joe Biden plans on relying solely on taxpayers to fund his retirement. Biden declared […] Continue reading →

An Appointment in Samarra

Paul Greenberg  Another day, another country left to the tender mercies of terrorists. Going by his own arbitrary, purely political deadline, this president and now only nominal Leader of the Free World has been intent on pulling American troops out of one country after another in the (always) troubled Middle East, with the result that […] Continue reading →

Bundy Family Joins Utah Against Federal Land Grab

Ben Marquis,   The state of Utah has become the latest battleground in the fight between the federal government trying to exert more control over so-called ‘public’ land, and the actual ‘public,’ which consists of private citizens and states seeking to regain control of land that rightfully should belong to them, to use as they best […] Continue reading →

Michelle Malkin: Gosnell: The Movie Hollywood Won’t Make, But You Can

 Hannibal Lecter. Freddy Kreuger. Jason Voorhees. Charles Manson. Jeffrey Dahmer. Ted Bundy. Hollywood loves a homicidal monster. But what happens when an evil being exposes the monstrosities of malign government neglect and deadly ideology? Crickets. Tinseltown couldn’t conjure a bigger nightmare than true-life Philadelphia serial killer Kermit Gosnell. He preyed on hundreds of poor minority […] Continue reading →