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Texas Shows the Way on Abortion

Star Parker  We now mark the one-year anniversary since important new regulatory restrictions on abortion were passed into law in Texas that protect life and make this nasty procedure safer for women that choose it. HB 2 was signed into law in July 2013. Its four major provisions require that abortion doctors have hospital admitting […] Continue reading →

GUILTY: For Just Being Christian

Kevin McCullough  The Mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, Kimberly Driscoll, is actively attempting to destroy Gordon College. Dissatisfied with the Christian college, practicing its own beliefs, last week Driscoll began to take out her hostility against them. The angry tone of the actions taken against the school reveal a few things that are important for the […] Continue reading →

House Republicans seek CDC documents on anthrax scare

 Congressional Republicans asked the Obama administration on Wednesday to provide documents related to last month’s anthrax scare at a U.S. lab facility, where more than 80 people were initially feared to be exposed to the deadly pathogen. In a series of letters, top Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked for the results […] Continue reading →

Update: Accused Murderer, Rapist Philip Chism ‘psychotic’ after attack on clinician

 A Massachusetts teenager accused of robbing, raping and killing a popular teacher at his school attacked a female staff member at a facility where he is being held without bail, authorities said Tuesday. The incident allegedly involving Philip Chism, 15, took place at the Department of Youth Services Facility in Boston, according to Essex County […] Continue reading →

We Know The Whereabouts of Lost IRS Emails…

Mac Slavo |  “Official records, like the e-mails of a prominent official, don’t just disappear without a trace unless that was the intention.” A Congressional inquiry into the targeting of Tea Party and Conservative organizations by the IRS has revealed that thousands of emails from IRS head Lois Lerner and at least six of […] Continue reading →

Militants fly their black flags over Iraq refinery

 Sunni militants hung their black banners on watch towers at Iraq’s largest oil refinery, a witness said Thursday, suggesting the vital facility had fallen to the insurgents who have seized vast territories across the country’s north. A top Iraqi security official, however, said the government still held the facility. The fighting at Beiji, some 250 […] Continue reading →

Veterans Affairs issued ‘gag order’ and engaged in criminal cover-ups, lawmakers say

Washington Examiner – by Mark Flatten  A Department of Veterans Affairs memo that prohibits top administrators from answering questions from members of Congress, the media or veterans’ groups is being called a “gag order” meant to cover up agency wrongdoing by a Kansas congressman. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas, backed the charge by releasing the June 4 e-mail from Janet Murphy, acting deputy […] Continue reading →

Arizona official says immigrant kids in good care

 Arizona border officials will indefinitely continue to process hundreds of Central American children immigrants caught crossing the border illegally from Mexico into Texas. Immigration authorities have so far provided few details about how many of those children are being flown from Texas to Arizona and how often, but in a statement said the flights will […] Continue reading →