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Hillary Clinton Faults Obama for ‘Stupid Stuff’ Policy

 Hillary Clinton is taking on President Barack Obama with the same issue he used against her in the 2008 Democratic primary: foreign policy vision. Obama lacks a specific doctrine, according to an Atlantic magazine interview with Clinton, the unannounced presidential candidate who is leading Democrats and Republicans in 2016 polling. “Great nations need organizing principles, […] Continue reading →

Independence Day: What the Hell HAPPENED to America?

Washington’s Blog “We Have Become Such Grumbling Drones — Powerless, Passive, And Frankly A Bit Pathetic” Call me old fashioned … I love America … The Constitution and the Bill of Rights … The vision of the Founding Fathers … The “can do” American spirit … Americans’ ingenuity and creativity. WHAT the [email protected]!! HAPPENED to us??? As one of the nation’s […] Continue reading →

Target Joins the Anti-Gun Movement

Michael Schaus Well… I’m starting to run out of places to shop. Target Corporation (TGT) made the announcement on Wednesday that they have acquiesced to the Bloomberg fanatics who believe no-one should be armed while shopping. The company (politely) asked customers to keep their guns at home the next time they wander in for a […] Continue reading →

Biden Plans to Live off Taxpayers Forever

 Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll trip over Hillary coming out of the WH and have a fall to the bottom of the WH steps and we won’t have to pay him. Washington Free Beacon – by Bill McMorris  Vice President Joe Biden plans on relying solely on taxpayers to fund his retirement. Biden declared […] Continue reading →

Facebook Website Returns to Operation After Disruption

 Facebook Inc. (FB)’s website returned to service after disruptions that blocked access to the world’s largest social-networking site for about half an hour. “Earlier this morning, we experienced an issue that prevented some users from posting to Facebook for a brief period of time,” Menlo Park, California-based Facebook said in an e-mailed statement that didn’t […] Continue reading →

Senate Democrats endorse inaction at the VA

Ed Morrissey The House passed a bipartisan bill this week that would allow the Secretary of Veterans Affairs — whomever that might be — leeway to bypass some civil-service protections in order to fire people involved in manipulating and falsifying data and forcing veterans to wait for weeks and months for treatment. After dozens of […] Continue reading →

Nigeria Extremists attack town of abducted schoolgirls

 Islamic militants again attacked the remote Nigerian town from which nearly 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped, Nigeria’s military said Wednesday, resulting in a firefight that killed 12 soldiers and led angry troops to fire on a commanding officer. Soldiers said the troops fired at a senior officer who came to pay respects to the killed soldiers, […] Continue reading →