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Ben Carson vs Hillary Clinton - Great Read

Unlikely Conservative Matching Democratic Star Ahead of 2016 Nobody is talking about Ben Carson.  Let me correct that: The media (conservative, establishment, mainstream, liberal or otherwise) is not talking about Ben Carson. Pollsters are ignoring him and he is rarely included in any listing of potential Republican candidates. His growing popularity among conservative grassroots activists […] Continue reading →

Hashtag Heroes

Derek Hunter  Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said he was “stunned” today by the announcement that Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau would surrender himself and all his followers to authorities after he realized he’d started a trending hashtag on Twitter that even First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted. Shekau, a purveyor of workplace violence and kidnapper of […] Continue reading →

Officials: Al-Qaida plots comeback in Afghanistan

 Al-Qaida’s Afghanistan leader is laying the groundwork to relaunch his war-shattered organization once the United States and international forces withdraw from the country, as they have warned they will do without a security agreement from the Afghan government, U.S. officials say. Farouq al-Qahtani al-Qatari has been cementing local ties and bringing in small numbers of […] Continue reading →

Michelle Malkin: The Left’s Valentine to Defiant Jihad-Enabler Lynne Stewart

 What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Bleeding-heart progressives across the country are raising money for “an evening of music, song and sharing love for recently released People’s Lawyer Lynne Stewart.” Warm fuzzies for one of the world’s most notorious terrorist helpers? I can’t think of a more stomach-turning way to mark the holiday. Thanks […] Continue reading →

Cruz�s Grand Gesture Deserves Respect

Three Jonathan S. Tobin In the end, Ted Cruz didn’t mean it. Neither he nor any of his colleagues that had been urging Republicans to filibuster the House bill that defunded ObamaCare and which they had been previously asking for voted to deny cloture on the measure. The 100-0 result in the immediate aftermath of Cruz’s […] Continue reading →

State Department blows $630k buying Facebook �likes

I’ve long been fascinated by the business of manufacturing popularity, which has become much easier thanks to the Internet.  It’s very easy to cook up favorable reviews for an item, create zillions of phony Twitter followers, and otherwise create the illusion that people, products, and ideas are much more popular than they actually are.   Continue reading →

First They Came For the Baha�is�.

There is a common misconception that Iran�s restrictions on the right to worship freely apply only to members of the Baha�i religion. But while the Islamic republic has reserved the most vicious forms of persecution for the adherents of this gentle faith � whose numbers, according to some estimates, have dwindled from around 500,000 at […] Continue reading →