New York Times Calls for Full-scale War in Ukraine

Demands guns, tanks, drones and NATO troops be deployed

The New York Times describes the regime in Kiev installed by a violent coup d’état and led in part by fascists and xenophobic nationalists as “one of us” and demands the U.S. arm the regime in its war in eastern Ukraine.

 “The West needs to be honest with Ukraine. We talk as though this country were one of us — as if, one day, it will become a member of the European Union and the NATO alliance. That is Kiev’s wish, but the West is not giving Ukraine the means to fight this war,” writes Ben Judah.

That is only the wish of some of the people of Ukraine. 96% of Crimeans voted to break away from the regime in Kiev earlier this year.

In the oblasts of Donetsk, Odessa, Luhansk and elsewhere in Ukraine large Russian minorities want to sever relations with a government that includes members of Svoboda and others – Pravy Sektor, Patriots of Ukraine, Trizub, and Ukrainian National Self Defense – who advance radical Russophobic rhetoric. The leader of Svoboda, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for liquidating “the Moscow-Jewish mafia” ruling Ukraine.

 “The uncomfortable truth is that a sizable portion of Kiev’s current government — and the protesters who brought it to power — are, indeed, fascists,” Andrew Foxall wrote in March.

“For the first time since 1933, the followers of a movement that valorizes Adolf Hitler and preaches anti-Semitism has entered a European government,” adds Justin Raimondo. “The German Nazis, too, were part of a ‘coalition’ government, the other members of which thought they could contain or even ‘tame’ them and prevent a Communist takeover. They were tragically wrong – and the United States and its European allies are taking the same road in backing Hitler’s heirs in Ukraine.”

All of this is ignored by the establishment media as it portrays the resistance in eastern Ukraine as a Russian invasion.

“What’s actually happening is a civil war between the government of Western Ukraine (which no longer rules the east in any definable way) and the Russian population of Eastern Ukraine,” writes Dmitry Orlov.

Russia does not recognize the Lugansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic – two areas of in eastern Ukraine that have decided by referendum to break away from the government in Kiev – and it “has withheld all military support, limiting itself to providing humanitarian supplies to the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have been destroyed by artillery and rocket fire coming from the Ukrainian forces,” notes Orlov.

The New York Times and the establishment are now calling for an intensification of this destruction of lives and property in eastern Ukraine. The “logic” contrived by the establishment characterizes the resistance as a Russian invasion and “demands that we send Western military advisers to Kiev, and give the Ukrainians full intelligence and satellite support. And we must ship them guns, tanks, drones and medical kits by the ton. We must even be ready to deploy NATO troops if Russian tanks roll toward Crimea, as many fear they will, to build a land bridge to the mainland of southern Russia,” writes Judah. “American and British special forces should be dispatched to plant the flag and protect the airports of Kiev and Odessa.”

In short, the U.S. should immediately engage in military brinkmanship and risk another world war.

This is the sort of insanity currently operative in the United States. The financial elite in control of foreign policy are determined to confront Russia on its own border. Soros NGOs and other foundations are busy at work not only on Russia’s periphery but inside the country itself.

The New York Times is a trusted propaganda asset. It played a significant role in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq and later Libya. It has supported the effort to topple the al-Assad government in Syria using al-Qaeda. It has championed the economic declaration of war against Russia and is now calling for actions that risk staring a nuclear war.

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  • virginiagentleman

    The very last thing any sane military leader would want to do is enter a “full scale war” with the current Commander in Chief able to call the shots. Our military is worn down from over a decade of deployment in the Middle East. The POTUS has just forcibly retired thousands of mid-level field grade officers and senior NCO’s in the name of downsizing the military. We do not have the financial health, military equipment or military personnel to conduct anything like a “full scale war.” Oh, and did anyone mention the difference in supply lines? Russia’s supply line to forces is a morning’s drive; our supply line to our forces is something like 15K miles. Guess who is going to “get there firstest with the mostest?”