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My Conservative Adventure

By: Lloyd Marcus Like millions of Americans I was deeply saddened and frustrated that Terry McAuliffe, a dishonorable man propped up by dishonorable people won over Conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the tightly contested race for governor of Virginia. Talk about birds of a feather, the man who told the biggest lie ever told by […] Continue reading →

Are You for 4th Trimester Abortions?

Steve Deace This video from the Media Research Center is tragic on many levels. The video portrays MRC’s clever attempt to get people to sign a petition in favor of “fourth trimester abortions,” using all the same phony-baloney propaganda spewed by advocates for the child killing industry. And several times on camera it works. Sure, […] Continue reading →

Zimmerman Trial: How to Make it Easy for People to Say, ‘You’re an Innocent Child’ When in Reality…

Doug Giles If you’re in your late teens and you get shot after assaulting a neighborhood-watch supervisor, and you want someone else to get blamed for your behavior, here are thirteen tips to make you look like an “innocent child” that loves Skittles, doing math and riding horses versus a gangbanger-in-waiting. 1. Don’t have pictures […] Continue reading →