Obama Asks: Will You Shoot Americans if they won’t give you their Guns?

Dr. Jim Garrow was recently contacted by a high ranking military official who implored him to reveal the truth about a “litmus test” that is being proposed by the Obama administration to the military, asking the question “will you shoot Americans if they won’t give you their guns?”


In an exclusive interview with Examiner.com Tuesday, retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely said the “purges” going on in the military are a real concern and, he added, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett is pulling the strings. Vallely, an officer who served 32 years in the U.S. Army with distinction, now heads up something called “The Americans” Project, a grassroots organization that includes analysts with a wide array of expertise, from intelligence to the Middle East. Earlier this year, Dr. Jim Garrow, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, told Examiner that President Obama wants military leaders who will fire on U.S. citizens.


He reiterated that position in October when reports of military purges began to surface nationwide. The goal, Dr. Garrow said, was to create an officer corps willing to pledge allegiance to Obama rather than to the Constitution. Gen. Vallely said that while nothing is documented, he believes Dr. Garrow is “on the right track.” According to reports, 197 officers from the rank of Major on up have been purged from the military in just five years. In 2013 alone, nine flag officers were let go for various reasons.

 Worse yet, he said the purges are more far-reaching than that. Not only is the military purging officers and enlisted personnel, but also training materials, removing references to radical Islam, he added. The military, he said, is purging Christianity while promoting an understanding of Islam. As we have reported, Christians in uniform have come under fire for their beliefs and the Army has been caught using SPLC-related information lumping Evangelical Christians with groups like the KKK. Meanwhile, Gen. Vallely said, the White House has had many visitors from the Muslim Brotherhood.

 In June, for example, Fox News reported: “A senior Obama administration official confirmed to Fox News that members of the National Security Council staff met with a controversial Muslim scholar, but stressed that they were focused on his recent efforts to counter the Al Qaeda narrative.”

That individual, according to Fox, was Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah, who — according to the report — is a “vice president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, a group founded by Egyptian cleric Yusuf Qaradawi — a Muslim Brotherhood leader who has called for the death of Jews and Americans and himself is banned from visiting the U.S.” In October 2012, WND cited a report by the Investigative Project on Terrorism that said “scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.”

 Vallely said the White House is essentially “catering to the Muslim Brotherhood.” “We’ve turned everyone against us” as a result of the purges, he said. Gen. Vallely recalled an encounter with another officer who relayed to him that the situation is so bad, they can’t even discuss policies like gay marriage for fear someone might hear them and report them. The goal, he believes, is a compliant, politically-correct officer corps.

 And, he added, it’s all been tracked back to Valerie Jarrett, who has no real authority but “pulls all the strings.” While some officers may go along with this, Gen. Vallely said “a lot of others” won’t, and he had a simple question for today’s military leaders: “Why aren’t you standing up for the Constitution and the people first?”

Military officer calls for draconian gun grab, 400 percent tax on ammunition

On Tuesday, Lt. Col. Robert Bateman sparked anger and controversy with a blog post at Esquire that calls for, among other things, a draconian set of rules severely limiting the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and a 400 percent tax on ammunition.

Bateman, an Army officer described by Small Wars Journal as “an infantryman, historian and prolific writer,” said one story in particular “tripped” him:

A woman charged with killing a fellow Alabama fan after the end of last weekend’s Iron Bowl football game was angry that the victim and others didn’t seem upset over the Crimson Tide’s loss to archrival Auburn, said the sister of the slain woman.

“People,” he said, “it is time to talk about guns.”

After expressing his embarrassment at the Supreme Court Heller decision, Bateman went on a tear, describing what he called the “Gun Plank” to the “Bateman-Pierce platform.”

Bateman said that if he had his way, Americans would only be allowed to own the following weapons:

  • Smoothbore or Rifled muzzle-loading blackpowder muskets.
  • Double-barrel breech-loading shotguns.
  • Bolt-action rifles with a magazine capacity no greater than five rounds.

Bateman explained his reasoning for small magazines by saying: “But if you cannot bring down a defenseless deer in under five rounds, then you have no f***g reason to be holding a killing tool in the first place.”

He also claimed that no “7-11 in history has ever been held up” with a muzzle-loading blackpowder musket.

His second plank was even more chilling.

“We will pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers,” he wrote. “That is because I am willing to wait until you die, hopefully of natural causes. Guns, except for the three approved categories, cannot be inherited. When you die your weapons must be turned into the local police department, which will then destroy them. (Weapons of historical significance will be de-milled, but may be preserved.)”

“So much for the illusion of civilian control of the military, although it does drive home the fear the Founders had of a standing army,” Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea wrote, calling Bateman a “ridiculous and contemptible totalitarian” while shredding Bateman’s analysis of the Heller decision.

The statement also causes one to think that Dr. Jim Garrow was correct when he told Examiner that Obama wants officers willing to fire on Americans who refuse to give up their guns.

Bateman, however, was just getting warmed up.

“Police departments are no longer allowed to sell or auction weapons used in crimes after the cases have been closed,” he added.

Bateman then called for a 400 percent tax on all ammunition. All ammunition, he said, would be taxed at that rate for the first two years of his tyrannical regime, followed by an annual 20 percent increase.

He then called for a nationwide “buy-back” program of all guns, funded by the Defense Department.

“This buy-back program will start purchasing weapons at 200 percent of their face value the first year, 150 percent the second year, 100 percent the third year. Thereafter there will be a 10 year pause, at which point the guns can be sold to the government at 10 percent of their value for the next 50 years,” he said.

His final plank called for the government to take over all gun manufacturers.

“The major gun manufactures of the United States, less those who create weapons for the federal government and the armed forces, will be bought out by the United States of America, for our own damned good,” he concluded.

In short, Bateman — an officer sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic — is calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment, followed by an oppressive regime that would make Communist China proud. Complete with a not-so-veiled threat of military force.

Making matters worse, it seems Bateman has more in common with the Communist Party USA than the Constitution he swore to uphold.

On Tuesday, retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely told Examiner Obama wants a compliant, politically-correct officer corps.

Perhaps Bateman is the type of officer who would fit nicely in Obama’s fundamentally transformed, politically-correct military.