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Feds Claim Freedom is Bad For Your Health

Michael Schaus  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is trying to ban smoking… Everywhere. Well, at least everywhere someone might be working, so I guess that’s not as many places as you might think. (Hat tip to Obamanomics.) The CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has suggested banning all tobacco […] Continue reading →

“Liberal” Is Just A Synonym For “Smug”

Kurt Schlichter,  It’s astonishing that an ideology which such an unbroken track record of failure has adherents who are so incredibly pleased with themselves. It’s like a soda pop executive whose proudest achievement was thinking up New Coke. For the liberals who aren’t liberal solely because someone is handing them checks for plopping onto the […] Continue reading →

Progressives and the Unnecessary Lie

Derek Hunter  When a kid with cookie all over his face claims he didn’t eat any cookies it’s because he knows he wasn’t supposed to be eating cookies. He’ll eventually fess up, although he may rationalize the behavior. Most adults are the same way. A president with a stain on an intern’s dress may hold […] Continue reading →

UNCW Gay activist Brice Horton Hears the Who

Mike Adams Author’s Note: the following column contains offensive speech. But please keep reading. Offensive speech can be utterly hysterical.  Two years ago, I wrote an article about UNCW gay activist Brice Horton. This was after he tried to ban Chick fil-A from campus (all in the name of tolerance and diversity). I satirically responded […] Continue reading →

A picture sure is worth alot of words….

Confessions of a College Professor Rants and raves about the mess of higher education in the United States. The above map, from here, really demonstrates how completely insane higher education has become. That’s a map of highest paid public employees, by state. State by state, every state, the highest paid public employee is in higher […] Continue reading →