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Russia’s Iron Curtain Descends on U.S. Tech Firms

 The Russian parliament is likely to limit purchases of Western computer hardware and software by public companies and government agencies — a response to Western sanctions that would cost billions to the likes of Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and IBM. Russia surely can do without the big brand products. The question is why so much Western technology […] Continue reading →

Update: Accused Murderer, Rapist Philip Chism ‘psychotic’ after attack on clinician

 A Massachusetts teenager accused of robbing, raping and killing a popular teacher at his school attacked a female staff member at a facility where he is being held without bail, authorities said Tuesday. The incident allegedly involving Philip Chism, 15, took place at the Department of Youth Services Facility in Boston, according to Essex County […] Continue reading →

An Opinion on Benghazi: The zombie scandal

Suzanne Garment, We’re not making scandals the way we used to.  The House of Representatives has now voted, virtually along party lines, to create the Benghazi Select Committee that conservatives have long called for. The atmosphere of scandal that has surrounded Bill and Hillary Clinton for decades has gotten, at least temporarily, a renewed lease […] Continue reading →

Benghazi: How to do the hearings right

Charles Krauthammer  The Democrats are portraying the not-yet-even-constituted House Select Committee on Benghazi as nothing but a partisan exercise. They are even considering boycotting the hearings to delegitimize them. Fine. Although this would give the Obama-protective media a further reason to ignore Benghazi, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is whether the committee produces new, important facts. […] Continue reading →

Call the Cops at Your Peril

“Live free or die” is the motto of the state of New Hampshire. I hope the residents are prepared to die, because living free is not what they do. NH is merely a cog within the Amerikan Stasi State, but I am referring to what goes on within NH itself, not the police state existence […] Continue reading →

GOP’s point man on Benghazi is seasoned prosecutor

 Rep. Trey Gowdy, the Republicans’ newest point man on the Benghazi attack, is a seasoned prosecutor determined to apply his well-honed courtroom skills to an election-year examination of the Obama administration’s actions. Tapped by House Speaker John Boehner, the two-term South Carolina congressman will lead a special select committee investigating the chaotic night of Sept. […] Continue reading →

GOP sharpens focus on Benghazi as midterms loom

 Republicans are sharpening their focus on the deadly 2012 Benghazi, Libya, attack as midterm elections loom closer, with a likely vote this week on establishing a select House committee to investigate the Obama administration’s response. Ongoing wrangling over a panel’s subpoena of Secretary of State John Kerry will further highlight Benghazi, as could multiple hearings […] Continue reading →