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Credit Cards Have Expiration Dates. Laws Should Too

Jeff Jacoby,  THE GREAT state of Minnesota, you’ll be glad to learn, is no longer interested in the size and color of your bug deflector. The legislature in St. Paul recently scrapped the 1953 law regulating that automotive accessory, one of almost 1,200 antiquated or bizarre laws that Governor Mark Dayton recommended repealing as part […] Continue reading →

Amend the Constitution to control federal spending

George Will  From the Goldwater Institute, the fertile frontal lobe of the conservative movement’s brain, comes an innovative idea that is gaining traction in Alaska, Arizona and Georgia, and its advocates may bring it to at least 35 other state legislatures. It would use the Constitution’s Article V to move the nation back toward the […] Continue reading →

Food industry seeks voluntary GMO labeling

 People who want to know more about genetically modified ingredients in their food would be able to get it on some packages, but not others, under a plan the industry is pushing. Large food companies worried they might be forced to add “genetically modified” to packaging are proposing voluntary labeling of those engineered foods, so […] Continue reading →

5 Reasons Why a Constitutional Convention Is a Better Idea than Electing More Republicans

Gfrac Joseph Ashby Mark Levin’s new book The Liberty Amendments proposes that state legislatures use their Article V power to call a convention to propose new constitutional amendments for state ratification. The unorthodox process seems impractical at first — it’s never been used, it’s off the mainstream political radar, few people even know it exists, etc. […] Continue reading →

Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments

Thomas Lifson   Today marks the publication of Mark Levin’s important new book, The Liberty Amendments. I must confess that I had some trepidation when starting to read it, for as the editor of American Thinker I turn down most submissions that propose amending the Constitution as a solution for what ails us. The reason […] Continue reading →