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US Sailor Crippled by Fukushima Radiation Speaks Out on Government Lies

“How do you think for one minute that there’s no health risk to anybody on board?” Mikael Thalen,  A U.S. Naval Administrative Officer severally affected by Fukushima’s radiation is telling his story, further exemplifying why the U.S. government cannot be trusted to inform the public on Fukushima’s danger.   Involved in the USS Ronald Reagan’s […] Continue reading →

Corruption 2013: How Alternative Media Influenced The Year Of Awakening

by Mikael Thalen, While some see the year’s countless political scandals as a negative example of western society’s current state, continued revelations and increased public knowledge of government corruption has undoubtedly made 2013 the year of awakening. Although many of the year’s major news stories can be linked to the alternative media, several in particular […] Continue reading →

Media Finally Begins Reporting On Russian ‘Combat Readiness’ After Alternative News

The amassing of over 160,000 Russian troops, bombers, and naval ships under an emergency ‘combat readiness’ drill order is now making the rounds throughout mainstream media and talk radio after being blasted into the headlines. Amazingly, just a bit over on week ago I covered the Russian ‘combat readiness’ order while in amazement that no one was […] Continue reading →