22,000 Emails Barrage A&E Executives’ Inboxes


In less than one day, more than 22,000 Americans have barraged the inboxes of A&E executives using an online email petition at PetitionForPhil.com . These individuals are disturbed by A&E’s treatment of one of its biggest moneymakers, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson.

That number is sure to continue escalating as more and more fans of the show – and its strong Christian values – demand the cable network reinstate the suspended personality. Robertson was kicked off of the show indefinitely after he made comments during a GQ interview that many radical homosexual organizations perceived as discriminatory.

In reality, the Louisiana pastor was merely expressing the Christian view of sin by citing an array of behavior the Holy Bible deems unacceptable to God. Homosexual behavior was included in his list.

Caving into the mounting pressure by certain gay lobbyists, A&E took the decisive step of suspending Robertson, perhaps underestimating his show’s incredibly loyal audience. “Duck Dynasty” became cable’s most watched program based on the dedicated viewership of millions of Americans.

Fed up with the proliferation of morally bankrupt reality stars and scripts filled with leftist propaganda, traditional Americans ordinarily ignored by Hollywood executives have naturally gravitated toward the strong family values embraced by the Robertson clan.

That same audience now feels that the cable network is putting the demands of a small group of vocal protesters above the sensibilities of millions of viewers – and the free speech rights of Phil Robertson. The fact remains that GQ asked Robertson a direct question in hopes of eliciting his personal opinion, not a view representing A&E. Merely for being honest and sharing an opinion held by millions of Christians, he now faces what many consider an unjust punishment.

It now appears that A&E acted against its own best interest by kowtowing to the loudest voices of dissent. The cable network has relied heavily on the financial success of “Duck Dynasty” while the Robertsons could easily find a new medium through which to share their uniquely engaging life.

The bottom line is this: A&E needs the Robertsons more than the Robertsons need A&E. By signing this petition and supporting the “Petition for Phil” Facebook page, you can help send that clear message to the network’s top executives today!

–B. Christopher Agee 

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