More fun with ObamaCare: lost drugs, closed hospitals, and agonizing pain

 Here’s another person for Democrats to insult as a meaningless “anecdote”: Chris Dunn of Sonora, California, who lost his old insurance due to Barack Obama’s Big Lie, got saddled with an overpriced and inferior ObamaCare plan, and can’t get the back surgery he desperately needs.  ”Doc shock” for the win!  Americans for Prosperity introduces us […] Continue reading →

Ann Coulter: New Obama Promise: If You Like Your Life, You Can Keep It

Liberals are winning wild praise for their candor in admitting problems with Obamacare. It shows you the level of honesty people have come to expect of our liberal friends. Now, liberals are applauded for not lying through their teeth about something. What are they supposed to say? This Obamacare website is fantastic! And really, haven’t […] Continue reading →

Obama silences complaining employers with IRS

Betsy McCaughey President Barack Obama is using the IRS to silence employers unhappy about Obamacare. That’s the hidden purpose behind the employer mandate delay announced on Feb. 10. The administration released 227 pages of mind-numbing regulations ridiculously billed as making “the compliance process simpler and easier” for employers. Hidden in the gobbledygook (on pages 125-126) […] Continue reading →

Michelle Malkin: Obama(S)care: Con Artists and Criminals in Charge

 Question: If Obamacare officials cannot prevent accused embezzlers from infiltrating their offices, how can they protect enrollees from grifters, con artists and thieves in the federal health insurance exchange system? Here in my home state, a director of Connect for Health Colorado — the state-sponsored Obamacare health insurance exchange — was just put on administrative […] Continue reading →

Liberal Idiot Pelosi: Says The Founding Fathers Would Totally Support Obamacare

 America’s Founding Fathers fiercely held to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—values which Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed align seamlessly with Obamacare. Pelosi explained why the law is “very sound policy” during a press conference Friday: To go to back to our founders once again, they sacrificed it all for life, liberty, and the pursuit […] Continue reading →

Obamacare lawlessness is all political

David Harsanyi  Another Obamacare fiasco? Guess what. We’ll rationalize that disaster into something awesome tout de suite. You can’t keep your insurance if you like it? Consider yourself lucky. Obamacare disincentivizes work. Be grateful! The Affordable Care Act will cost three times as much as initial estimates? Spending creates jobs. The exchanges have been a […] Continue reading →

Socialism, not access to care, is Obama’s prize

David Limbaugh,  Each passing day is more incriminating for President Obama’s Obamacare, as the news is like a relentless prosecutor amassing evidence against a serial killer. Yet the more evidence that rolls in condemning the president’s “signature achievement” — wouldn’t you love to have that albatross hung around your epitaph? — the more entrenched Obama […] Continue reading →

White House again delays healthcare mandate for employers

 The Obama administration on Monday again delayed a contentious healthcare law requirement that all but the smallest employers provide coverage to full-time workers, this time by giving medium-sized businesses another year to comply. The so-called employer mandate, which has been opposed by businesses, was originally supposed to take effect in January under the Patient Protection […] Continue reading →

AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo as insurers reject checks

 Hundreds of people with HIV/AIDS in Louisiana trying to obtain coverage under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform are in danger of being thrown out of the insurance plan they selected in a dispute over federal subsidies and the interpretation of federal rules about preventing Obamacare fraud. Some healthcare advocates see discrimination in the move, but […] Continue reading →

Vulnerable Democrats try straddle on ‘Obamacare’

 Hit with a multimillion-dollar barrage of televised attacks, Democrats in tough re-election races want credit for trying to fix the problematic parts of the health care law at the same time they claim bragging rights for its popular provisions and allege Republicans will reverse the law’s crackdown on insurance company abuses. It’s a tricky, high-stakes […] Continue reading →