As U.S. influence in Asia falters, allies increasingly look to themselves

 Three years after the Obama administration announced its “pivot to Asia,” American allies in the region are looking somewhat unconvinced. While no one disputes that managing China and its multiple neighborhood conflicts remains on Washington’s radar, this effort is often overshadowed by other priorities. In particular, the Middle East and confrontation with Russia — both… [Read More]

How Pentagon war fund became a budget buster Washington can’t resist

The number of U.S. troops deployed in battle zones is at its lowest level since before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Still, Congress has authorized a 38 percent increase in the war budget over last year. The contradiction is the legacy of an emergency war fund, started in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001… [Read More]

Part of Pentagon email network taken down over suspicious activity

 An unclassified email network used by Army General Martin Dempsey and other members of the U.S. military’s Joint Staff has been taken off line because of suspicious activity, a Pentagon spokeswoman said on Tuesday. Army Lieutenant Colonel Valerie Henderson said the unclassified email network for all users on the Joint Staff was taken offline by… [Read More]

Do We Need to Bring Back Internment Camps?

Ron Paul, Last week, Retired General Wesley Clark, who was NATO commander during the US bombing of Serbia, proposed that “disloyal Americans” be sent to internment camps for the “duration of the conflict.” Discussing the recent military base shootings in Chattanooga, TN, in which five US service members were killed, Clark recalled the internment of… [Read More]

Without My Rifle, I Am Useless

John Nantz,  This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.  Did the Rifleman’s Creed flash through the minds of Sergeant Carson A. Holmquist, Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan, Lance Corporal Squire K. Wells, Staff Sergeant David A. Wyatt, and Petty Officer Second Class Randall Smith as they were being fired… [Read More]

Pentagon wants individuals to stop guarding recruiting stations

 The Pentagon asked Friday that individuals not stand guard at the military recruiting offices in the wake of the deadly Chattanooga terror attack. Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said in a statement that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter “is currently reviewing recommendations from the services for making our installations and facilities safer - including our… [Read More]

Terrifying Twist To Drone Attacks – Report Warns ISIS Is Preparing For This Horror

When you think about drone strikes and ISIS terrorists, you probably picture those powerful images of a nondescript building or a truck convoy or an ammo arsenal being blown to smithereens by the blast from an unmanned aerial vehicle flown on a kill mission by the U.S. military. But now, according to counterterrorism experts, there could… [Read More]

CIVIL DEFENSE: Citizens, vets take up arms to protect military facilities

 It’s supposed to be the other way around, but civilians – as well as state and local authorities – have taken up the task of protecting the military in the wake of the Chattanooga terror attack. Citizens groups, veterans, local law enforcement and the National Guard are all standing armed watch over the men and… [Read More]

North Korea upgrades missile tower for possible October launch

North Korea has erected a new, taller launch tower at its missile base, possibly in preparation for firing a long-range rocket to mark an important national anniversary in October, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on Wednesday. The 67-metre (220-ft) tower will be able to accommodate the launch of a longer-range missile than the rocket… [Read More]

Army chief Odierno, in exit interview, says US could have ‘prevented’ ISIS rise

 The Army’s top officer told Fox News Tuesday it’s “frustrating” to watch the gains he helped achieve in Iraq disintegrate at the hands of the Islamic State, saying in an exit interview that the chaos now unfolding “might have been prevented” had the U.S. stayed more engaged. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, weeks… [Read More]

The weapons the U.S. needs for a war it doesn’t want

 Terrorism and Middle East insurgencies are not going away. Yet in the 21st century, the United States must understand it faces a return of a serious national-security concern that shaped the last century: the risk of great-power conflict. The Defense Department’s new military strategy acknowledges this by noting the implications of the renewed rivalry with… [Read More]

BEEFED UP SECURITY: 6 states arm Guardsmen after Chattanooga tragedy

 While safety concerns at military recruitment centers have been a long-standing issue, last week’s fatal shootings at two Tennessee installations underscore the deep risk recruiters face daily and the scramble at state and national levels to prevent a similar tragedy from taking place again. The U.S. military on Monday confirmed to Fox News it directed… [Read More]