National Security

Michelle Malkin: Letting in the Wrong Refugees

 Fresh terror busts in Australia expose a common Achilles’ heel of the West: Indiscriminate refugee policies turn free countries into breeding grounds for jihad. It’s the same game in America. Soldiers of Islam have weaponized our blind generosity against us. In Sydney this week, authorities detained a half-dozen Muslim plotters and arrested a top collaborator […] Read More →

Man Dressed as ISIS Militant Crosses U.S. Border

 Stunt highlights how anyone can get into America despite warning of imminent terror attack. Infowars reporter Joe Biggs crossed the U.S. border from Mexico dressed as an ISIS militant to illustrate how easy it is for anyone to get into America despite warnings that Islamic State terrorists are plotting to carry out attacks on the […] Read More →

Home Depot’s Suspected Cyber Breach Adds Security Pressure

 Home Depot Inc. (HD)’s investigation of a suspected hacker attack is renewing pressure on retailers and credit-card providers to strengthen payment-system security. The largest home-improvement chain said yesterday that it was working with banks and law enforcement on the possible incursion, following a report by KrebsOnSecurity that a “massive” batch of stolen credit- and debit-card […] Read More →

High-level federal law enforcement: Warn of Imminent Terrorist Attack on US Border

 Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED).  High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the […] Read More →

Internet Security: cyberwarriors are infiltrating nuclear power plants, ATM’s …ETC.

 State-sponsored cyberwarriors are infiltrating nuclear power plants. Hacking gangs are breaking in to ATMs. Sickos are hijacking baby monitors, just to freak out parents. Has the Internet ever seemed scarier? Maybe not, but wait.  Yes, elite professionals are finding ingenious ways to gain entry to government, industrial and financial networks. And it’s true that careless […] Read More →

Breaking News: U.S. authorities investigate suspected threat against Obama

Authorities in Connecticut on Friday were investigating a possible threat against President Barack Obama, local media reported. The U.S. Secret Service, which is responsible for presidential security, issued a statement saying, “Information has been received by law enforcement regarding a potentially suspicious person and vehicle. We are working with our local law enforcement partners to […] Read More →

Perry Calls for Drones on U.S. Border to Stop Terrorists

 Texas Governor Rick Perry, speaking in the home state of a recently killed American journalist, repeated his assertion that Islamic State militants may have crossed a “porous” border between the U.S. and Mexico. “There already may be ISIS cells — ISIS individuals — in America,” Perry said during a meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with […] Read More →

D.C. Whispers: Obama Waves Off Intel Briefing – “Don’t Bother Me With This Sh*t”

Ulsterman Books  Hours prior to taking off for his Martha’s Vineyard millionaires’ paradise vacation, White House staff in conjunction with someone from the Pentagon, attempted to update the president on international security concerns, namely those focused on both Syria and Iraq, as well as the ongoing Gaza conflict, an attempt that was brushed off by […] Read More →

German security recorded Clinton conversation: media

German security agents recorded a conversation involving Hillary Clinton while she was U.S. Secretary of State, media reported on Friday, a potential embarrassment for Berlin which has lambasted Washington for its widespread surveillance. Clinton’s words were intercepted while she was on a U.S. government plane, Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and German regional public broadcasters NDR […] Read More →

The Airline Threat No One’s Talking About

 It’s been an abysmal year for the flying public. Planes have crashed in bad weather, disappeared over the Indian Ocean and tragically crossed paths with anti-aircraft missiles over Ukraine. That last disaster has led to something approaching panic, as aviation bigwigs convened in Montreal yesterday to discuss how to protect planes flying over conflict zones. […] Read More →

Security breaches threaten U.S. biodefense labs

Kenric Ward  WASHINGTON, D.C. — A spate of laboratory scares and controversies could downsize America’s biodefense network — tightening security and, perhaps, saving money. The U.S. spent $19 billion expanding biodefense research during the past decade. The number of top-security labs jumped from 415 to 1,495, according to the Government Accountability Office. But with no national assessment […] Read More →