Boy Scouts executive committee OKs ending ban on gay leaders

 The executive committee of the Boy Scouts of America has unanimously approved a resolution that would end the organization’s blanket ban on gay adult leaders and let individual scout units set their own policy on the long-divisive issue. In a statement Monday, the BSA said the resolution was approved by the 17-member executive committee on… [Read More]

Philadelphia Boy Scouts council allows openly gay leaders

 Boy Scouts council in Philadelphia will welcome qualified scoutmasters and den mothers regardless of sexual orientation, in opposition to the national organization’s ban on openly gay scout leaders, the council president said on Friday.  The move by the Cradle of Liberty Council, which serves more than 15,000 members in the Philadelphia area, comes a month… [Read More]

Hey, Boy Scouts - Don’t Squirt

Todd Starnes,  The Boy Scouts of America fired off a missive to leaders reminding them of a long-standing rule – water gun fights and water balloon fights are not allowed. So why does Boy Scout leadership have its neckerchief in a knot over Super Soakers? Well, according to their official Scouting magazine, water guns are… [Read More]

NY Boy Scouts hire gay Eagle Scout despite national policy

 The Boy Scouts’ New York chapter said Thursday that it has hired the nation’s first openly gay Eagle Scout as a summer camp leader, a direct and public challenge to the national scouting organization’s ban on openly gay adult members. The Boy Scouts’ national spokesman, Deron Smith, said there was no change in that policy,… [Read More]

Gates: Would have allowed gay adults in Scouts

 Robert Gates, the new president of the Boy Scouts of America, said Friday that he would have moved last year to allow openly gay adults in the organization but said he opposes any further attempts to address the policy now. Gates took over an organization this week that serves about 2.5 million youth but faces… [Read More]

U.S. force in Afghanistan may be cut to less than 10,000 troops

 The number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan may drop well below 10,000 - the minimum demanded by the U.S. military to train Afghan forces - as the longest war in American history winds down, Obama administration officials briefed on the matter say. Since Afghanistan’s general election on April 5, White House, State Department and Pentagon… [Read More]

Boy Scouts open ranks to gay youth on Jan. 1

The Boy Scouts of America will accept openly gay youths starting on New Year’s Day, a historic change that has prompted the BSA to ponder a host of potential complications — ranging from policies on tentmates and showers to whether Scouts can march in gay pride parades. Yet despite their be-prepared approach, BSA leaders are… [Read More]


BY JOHN JAMES KIRKWOOD Rachel Jeantel, the bumbling simpleton-witness from the Zimmerman trial, was on with Piers Morgan this week and she implied that Trayvon thought that George, the “creepy ass cracka,” might be a gay rapist.  How uncomfortable for the overly zealous rainbow warrior, Piers?  Awkward!  But what a missed opportunity for the defendant… [Read More]

Non-Sexualized Boy Scouts Alternative Launched

Matt Barber Recently, millions of Americans were shocked and saddened when the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) disgracefully bowed to left-wing political pressure and became something it had never before been: a hyper-politicized, aberrantly sexualized petri dish for social and sexual experimentation. Created in 1910 to “prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices… [Read More]