Say It Ain’t So, Pope

Bruce Bialosky,  Recently we had a rendezvous with my daughter’s future roommate (plus her mother and her mother’s best friend). The roommate is moving to Los Angeles from New Jersey after graduating from college. When we met the mother and her friend, they were both prominently wearing crosses on necklaces. We felt much more comfortable… [Read More]

MORE RELIGIOUS — OR RADICAL? Chattanooga gunman said to be turning more devout

 The man authorities say killed four U.S. Marines when he attacked two military sites in Chattanooga, Tenn. was a practicing Muslim who reportedly showed signs of becoming increasingly devout in recent weeks. Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, was shot and killed by police after he allegedly attacked the Marines at the Navy Operational Support Center and… [Read More]

Denver court rules against Little Sisters of the Poor contraception coverage case

 A federal appeals court in Denver ruled on Tuesday against a group of Colorado nuns who challenged a provision in the Affordable Care Act that requires employers to provide insurance policies covering contraception.   Though religious groups are already exempt from covering contraceptives, the plaintiffs – the Little Sisters of the Poor as well as… [Read More]

Is Allah Really God?

IQ al Rassooli,  Dear Americans, Obama, the Muslim Traitor in Chief, said recently: “We cannot fight ISIL with bullets. We must fight them with better ideas.” He said these (actually very wise) words while still sitting on his brains NOT having a SINGLE idea how to do so. I have REPEATEDLY said on numerous occasions… [Read More]

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Capitalism Diabolic?

 On arrival in La Paz, Pope Francis was presented by Bolivian President Evo Morales with a wooden crucifix carved in the form of a hammer and sickle, the symbol of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Fidel. Had Pope John Paul II been handed that crucifix, he might have cracked it over Evo’s head. For John Paul… [Read More]

Pope Francis Says You’re Not A Christian If… You Own A Gun?

Krystal Heath,  We’ve talked about it before. Multiple times, in fact. We respect Pope Francis and the Catholic Church. But we do not believe the Pope to be infallible. Sorry, them’s our rules. That belief manifested itself again last month when the Pope spoke to a youth rally in Turin, Italy. As Yahoo News reported, Pope… [Read More]

The Latest Papal Encyclical: A Catholic’s Critique

Jack Kerwick, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ latest encyclical, is quite provocative.  Unfortunately, though, it provokes us to consider the possibility that its author has more in common with contemporary leftism than traditional Christianity. The Pope’s encyclical read as essentially nothing more or less than a protracted, theologized, reiteration of the same “progressive” drivel that’s been… [Read More]

Pope Offers the Masses the Opium of Marxism

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton,  To my Catholic friends, while I am loathe to criticize that which they hold dear, there comes a time when silence is the wrong answer. When Pope Francis first surfaced, I thought he had the potential to be a great Pope. But with the potential of greatness, also comes the opportunity of infamy…. [Read More]

U.S. Constitution Acknowledges Jesus And Is Unquestionably, Uniquely Christian

Bethany Blankley,   This year marked the 239th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Not insignificantly, Barack Obama intentionally ignored God in his July 4th “video tribute to America.” However, the signers of the Declaration of Independence—and the majority of America’s 200 Founders—were quite clear: they believed in the God of the Bible…. [Read More]

Here’s What This BOLD Gov. Just Said About Court Order To Remove Ten Commandments

Despite a ruling by the Oklahoma Supreme Court that the Ten Commandments monument at the capitol grounds must be removed, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin says the controversial stone block will stay put, at least for now. In a 7-2 decision last week, the high court of the Sooner State ruled that the Ten Commandments are… [Read More]

America Without Religious Freedom is Unthinkable

Jerry Newcombe,  To conceive of America apart from religious liberty is almost unthinkable. But recent events have shown us the unthinkable may be right around the corner, with long-established religious rights being brushed away—despite weak judicial assurances to the contrary. I think it’s worthwhile to take a look at how important Christian liberty was to… [Read More]

Pope: Duty to protect planet, calls for ‘social justice’ on resources

Pope Francis on Tuesday said protecting the planet was no longer a choice but a duty and called for a new “social justice” where access to the earth’s resources would be based on equality instead of economic interests. In back-to-back speeches on the third day of his trip to Ecuador, the pope made his first… [Read More]