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3 Lessons Our Politicians Should Learn From Fort Hood

Chuck Norris As with all Americans, my wife, Gena, and I had our hearts broken again last Wednesday as we heard about another killing spree at Fort Hood, Texas, in which four people died and 16 more were injured at the U.S. Army’s largest active-duty installation. Chelsea Schilling, WorldNetDaily’s commentator editor and journalist extraordinaire, reported […] Continue reading →

Federal Agencies Target �Right

By: JB WilliamsRight Side News  From freedom to fascism well describes the events of the last five years under the most anti-American regime to ever hold political power in the United States. One need not look too far to find evidence that the land of the free and home of the brave is now nothing […] Continue reading →

The College Degree Scam

Carole Hornsby Haynes For years we’ve heard the propaganda line that everyone needs to go to college — that a degree will improve your status and standard of living. It has become politically incorrect to even suggest that a higher education degree might not be right for every young American. So it’s not surprising that […] Continue reading →

Bill O’Reilly: The Alien Plight

The intense debate over immigration reform in the USA has riveted many in this bucolic area in the west of Ireland. That’s because in addition to millions of Hispanic aliens, a significant number of Irish would benefit from immigration clarity. Just ask anyone in the Woodside section of Queens, New York. The census estimates that […] Continue reading →

The Conservative Plan for Immigration Reform

By: Wayne Root The Obama socialist cabal and mainstream media (I know, I repeat myself) lies about immigration. They frame the debate as having only two options: the Democrat way (let everyone in and put them all on welfare)…or the supposed Republican way (keep everyone out and send those already here, home). That is a […] Continue reading →

The Phony Baloney Jobs Report

By: Wayne Root There is no economic recovery. There is only bad news…a deepening depression on Main Street…and a media that cheers misleading jobs numbers. Today’s unemployment figures are Exhibit A. Today we heard that 175,000 jobs were created. The stock market soared upon hearing the news. Happy Days are here again. But are they? […] Continue reading →