Why Barack Obama is a “Domestic Enemy” Who Must Be Impeached

Ben Marquis, 

 Millions of Americans in the military and civil service have sworn an oath to “uphold the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”.  So what makes a domestic enemy?

It is our view that someone becomes a domestic enemy when they attack, by word or deed, the Constitution that serves as the bedrock foundation for these United States, an act of treason and war upon the American people.

By this definition, it is obvious that President Obama can and should be classified as a domestic enemy because of his many attacks upon our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the freedoms and liberties that are protected by them.  Let us look at some of the ways Obama has shown himself to be an enemy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the people.


We look first at the Second Amendment.  Although it is listed second, we believe it to actually be the most important amendment of the Bill of Rights.  The Second Amendment serves as the linchpin of the Bill of Rights, because without the right to keep and bear arms, the rest of the rights are useless.  How can you effectively use your right to free speech, if you are unable to defend yourself when someone else or the government threatens or uses force to shut you up?  It is only the possibility of armed resistance by the people that keeps the government from the wholesale and unabashed abuse of the people’s rights.

Such is the reason that those of the progressive mindset wish to disarm the general population.  President Obama has made his anti-gun agenda abundantly clear, through his Executive Orders on gun control, nominations of people known for being anti-gun to positions of leadership, and schemes such as Operation Fast and Furious, which illegally allowed criminals and Mexican cartels to obtain firearms so that American dealers could be blamed resulting in stricter gun control laws.  For his anti-gun agenda alone he should be impeached.

Let us now look at how he has attacked the First Amendment.  He has presided over the use and expansion of “Free Speech Zones”, which actually limit the right of free speech, by cordoning off protestors into small designated areas, making their protests and speech ineffective.  He has used the IRS to intimidate and harass people and groups with dissenting views and opinions, infringing upon their rights of free speech, freedom of assembly and right to seek a redress of grievances.  He has also twisted and ignored the right to freedom of religion, requiring religious people to violate their faith and conscientious objections for numerous reasons.

Obama’s NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS and probably several other alphabet agencies are routinely spying on and collecting information from the American people, and lying about it.  The Fourth Amendment has virtually become null and void, in that few if any Americans anymore can expect their privacy not to be violated by one or more of these agencies conducting warrantless and unreasonable searches and seizures of persons, houses, papers and effects.

Perhaps the biggest violation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights by Obama is his signature on the National Defense Authorization Act, specifically the provision within it that allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens without charges or trial if they are suspected of being involved in terrorism.  This indefinite detention without due process violates the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and probably even the Ninth Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

One final thing that makes Obama a “domestic enemy” is the aid and comfort that he has given to foreign enemies of our Constitution.  This aid and support range from the cartels previously mentioned in the Fast and Furious scandal to the Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Libya and Syria that Obama has shipped arms and supplies to.  He has also given aid and comfort to other domestic enemies, by appointing and promoting people into his administration that have known anti-American agendas or current and former ties to terrorism.

One could also argue that the Obama administration’s coverups of the many scandals, the lack of cooperation with Congressional investigations and refusal to honor FOIA requests constitute being a domestic enemy for obfuscating the truth from the American people.

It could even be mentioned that Obama’s weak foreign policy and weak economic policies make him a domestic enemy as well, as he has weakened our country both militarily and fiscally on the world stage.

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