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“Here I come to save the day!” Jimmy Carter offers to visit Venezuela

Humberto Fontova, Last week Jimmy Carter fired off letters to Venezuela’s fraudulent President Nicolas Maduro and to Venezuela’s defrauded Presidential candidate Enrique Capriles expressing “grave concern” regarding the political turmoil and bloodshed convulsing their nation. From his pulpit at Emory University’s Carter Center, the former U.S. president calls for “dialogue” among the embattled Venezuelan parties […] Continue reading →

Rand Paul: Prosecute James Clapper for Lying to Congress

 After Edward Snowden leaked documents revealing the NSA’s illegal spying on American citizens, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, lied to Congress about the extent of the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance program. This is a felony and Rand Paul is calling for Clapper’s resignation and prosecution. Clapper testified at a hearing last March that the […] Continue reading →

The Case for Christmas: Reason For The Season

 Chuck Norris Lee Strobel earned a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School, became the award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and was a spiritual skeptic until 1981. I recently read his short 91-page booklet titled “The Case for Christmas,” in which he viewed the sacred holiday as an investigative journalist […] Continue reading →

From Obama, a blunt acceptance of blame

“We fumbled the rollout on this health care law.” “That’s on me.” “It was insufficient.” Again and again, President Barack Obama on Thursday shouldered the blame for his botched health care rollout in unusually blunt terms — a step many of his critics contend was long overdue. In an even rarer admission, he also acknowledged […] Continue reading →

Genetically Modified Organisms: And Leftist Hysteria Over Monsanto

Rachel Alexander The left is in a frenzy over the American agricultural biotechnology corporation Monsanto and other agribusinesses that tinker with crop genetics. Is there any truth to their scare stories asserting that we’re being poisoned with “Frankenfood,” breeding new strains of superbugs and superpests? Genetically modified crops, known as GMOs (genetically modified organisms), have […] Continue reading →

NASCAR seeks to restore credibility after scandal

Weary from the cleanup of the manipulations to its championship field, NASCAR sought to restore its credibility Saturday with a stern warning about “artificially altering” events. NASCAR chairman Brian France told the teams he expects them “to give 100 percent” at all times. He met with them for nearly 20 minutes between practices at Chicagoland […] Continue reading →

Putin Pulls Obama’s Strings

Well, if you’re one of those out there who has thus far failed to see the dominance of Vladimir Putin in the Putin/Obama relationship … the light surely must be shining now. In the last 24 hours our Dear Ruler has managed to show not only America, but the rest of the world, just how […] Continue reading →

Joe Biden threatens to impeach the President

Joe Biden threatens to impeach the President
It may seem shocking to hear Vice President Joe Biden threatening to begin impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama, but Biden is clearly a man of principle.  As you’ll hear him explain about five and a half minutes into this clip, he assembled a team of Constitutional scholars to buttress his own experience with teaching classes […] Continue reading →