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House Dem Leader Pelosi Flip Flops On Deportations

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat leader of the House of Representatives, on Wednesday said she now backs an unlimited influx of illegal child immigrants into the United States from Central America. Democrat withdrew support after Republicans balked at huge funding request  Pelosi had earlier said she would support changes to a Bush-era law expediting the […] Read More →

Benghazi: What REAL Dems REALLY Think

Kevin McCullough  In bold, high definition, if you slowed the frame down enough, you could see the spray of spittle flying across the broadcast table at his fellow co-hosts on-the-air. Bob Beckel, a prominent democrat consultant, and co-host of The Five on Fox News was turning beat red. “Who cares?” He offered as his bottom […] Read More →

Popular Democrat Compares Illegals To Slaves

 by B. Christopher Agee,  There seems to be no end to the outrageous rhetoric the left is willing to use in its support for amnesty. Radical ideologues routinely castigate conservatives, calling them racist and xenophobic for merely respecting America’s immigration laws. While Democrats of all ethnicities are on board with the cause to legitimize illegal […] Read More →

Gun Control Mania, Part II: The Revenge

It would be awful if the Democrats decide that the latest massacre by a non-Tea Partier means it’s time for yet another high-profile Congressional push for gun control. Awful awesome. You should never interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake, so those of us who don’t think the Bill of Rights is optional […] Read More →

Guess Who’s Running For Governor in Texas?

Katie Pavlich  With the backing of national pro-abortion groups, it’s been rumored for months Texas State Senator Wendy Davis might make a run for governor. It looks like that moment is near. Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democrat who filibustered an abortion law for nearly 13 hours wearing pink running shoes, began the slow rollout of […] Read More →