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Dutch MH17 Investigation Omits US “Intel”, Missing US Intel Points to Fabrications

Tony Cartalucci | NEO   The absence of America’s so-called “intelligence” regarding the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 over Ukraine in a 34 page Dutch Safety Board preliminary report raises serious questions about the credibility and legitimacy of both America’s political agenda, and all agencies, organizations, and political parties currently behind it. The report titled, “Preliminary […] Read More →

America’s Poor, Deeper in Debt Than Ever

 U.S. consumers have made a lot of progress in paring down the extreme debt loads that helped make the 2008 financial crisis such an epochal disaster. Fresh data from the Federal Reserve, though, offer an important caveat: Millions of the poorest families are still very deep in the hole — and might be getting deeper. […] Read More →

No body, no end to grieving for Flight 17 family

 Seven weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was blown out of the sky above Ukraine, Bryce Fredriksz and Daisy Oehlers’ bedroom is still a mess. The room, with its mural of palm trees, unmade bed and a table cluttered with clothes and books, is a constant reminder to Bryce’s parents Silene and Rob Fredriksz of […] Read More →

The Occupational Hazard for Prophetic Voices

Michael Youssef  Whenever prophetic voices rise to explain world events from a non-secular perspective, those voices are minimized as “fringe” and “lunatic.” But that is simply an occupational hazard of offering a prophetic voice. They will be beaten to a pulp by competing godless voices until they give in or give up. For example, consider […] Read More →

Hillary’s Delphic Politics

Jeff Jacoby If Hillary Clinton doesn’t become the next president of the United States, perhaps she could set up as the next Oracle of Delphi. To the ancient Greeks, the oracle was an authority of immense significance, whose pronouncements carried such weight that supplicants would undertake grueling journeys to consult her before making important decisions. But […] Read More →

New Study Reveals The Impact Of The Fukushima Catastrophe On Plants And Animals

IFL Science  On March 11, 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant experienced a catastrophic failure that resulted in the meltdown of 3 of the plant’s 6 nuclear reactors. The event was triggered when a tsunami hit the area, which was the aftermath of a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. The plant started spilling out large amounts of radioactive material the day after […] Read More →

Netanyahu Plans Gaza Redeployment Amid New Assaults on Hamas

 Israel will press on with its military offensive to stop attacks from the Gaza Strip while rearranging its forces to choose where it confronts Hamas and other militant groups, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. “The Israeli military will redeploy according to its security needs” after the operation to destroy tunnels that militants use is finished, […] Read More →

The Airline Threat No One’s Talking About

 It’s been an abysmal year for the flying public. Planes have crashed in bad weather, disappeared over the Indian Ocean and tragically crossed paths with anti-aircraft missiles over Ukraine. That last disaster has led to something approaching panic, as aviation bigwigs convened in Montreal yesterday to discuss how to protect planes flying over conflict zones. […] Read More →

Why Shouldn’t Democrats Fan the Impeachment Flames?

 Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker says talk of impeaching President Barack Obama is a Democratic ruse, and that he doesn’t “know of any thoughtful person” who is actively calling for it. Corker, who made these remarks at a breakfast with reporters in Washington this morning, might traipse over to the other side of the Capitol, […] Read More →

Air Travel tragedies bring grief without order

 When air travel goes wrong, the modern world has given us a script to follow. Forensic workers in coveralls descend on the crash scene. Police tape seals off the site and keeps the full horror at a distance. There is an orderly numbering of the dead and gathering of the evidence. Bodies are repatriated, funerals […] Read More →

UN aid chief says Gaza ceasefire is vital

 The U.N.’s humanitarian chief says a ceasefire to stop the violence in Gaza is vital because of the deteriorating situation. Valerie Amos said in an interview in Tokyo on Thursday that the top priority is protecting civilians caught up in the violence. She called it a “terrible, terrible situation.” Amos is in Tokyo for a […] Read More →