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Michelle Malkin: Post-9/11: Protect the Freedom To Warn

 “If you see something, say something.” That’s what our homeland security apparatchiks incessantly preach. But 13 years after the 9/11 attacks, the freedom to warn is in danger and vigilant whistleblowers are under fire. Listen to Robert MacLean. He’s a former Air Force nuclear weapons specialist and Border Patrol agent recruited by the government to […] Read More →

The Airline Threat No One’s Talking About

 It’s been an abysmal year for the flying public. Planes have crashed in bad weather, disappeared over the Indian Ocean and tragically crossed paths with anti-aircraft missiles over Ukraine. That last disaster has led to something approaching panic, as aviation bigwigs convened in Montreal yesterday to discuss how to protect planes flying over conflict zones. […] Read More →

Michelle Malkin: Obama’s Afghanistan Mess

 Is President Obama sleeping well on his Hawaiian holiday? I can think of many families of American soldiers who might not be enjoying the same bliss right now. That’s because 2014 opens with alarming news that the Afghan government will free an estimated 650 prisoners from a Bagram detention facility — including scores involved in […] Read More →

Watch the Good Guys and Leave the Terrorists Alone

Jeannie DeAngelis Barack Obama alleges that snooping is in the nation’s best interest because it is a powerful tool needed to keep Americans safe from dangerous terrorists. Yet, taking political correctness to a whole new level of lunacy, mosques, where terrorist types like to mingle with likeminded people, are currently off-limits to spying, snooping, and […] Read More →

Decline in Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes

The major criticism of drone strikes�the centerpiece of the Obama administration�s counter-terrorism policy especially in Pakistan and Yemen�is that they cause too many civilian casualties, thereby creating more militants than they eliminate. A new study from the New America Foundation disputes that conclusion. Authors Peter Bergen and Jennifer Rowland write: �The estimated civilian death rate […] Read More →