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Piers Morgan ends CNN show with gun-control plea

 CNN host Piers Morgan issued one last plea for U.S. gun control as he wrapped up his show’s three-year run. Morgan devoted the prime-time show’s final minutes Friday night to the issue that he said has been a “consistent and often very controversial” part of “Piers Morgan Live.” The British-born host cited gun violence statistics […] Continue reading →

Anti-Gun Host Piers Morgan, Booted From CNN Promises He�s �Not Done

 B. Christopher Agee  After years of trying to convince Americans to accept his homeland’s dangerous anti-gun laws, U.K. native Piers Morgan finally received a clear message that his particular brand of activism is not particularly welcome on this side of the Atlantic. His perpetually unpopular CNN program “Piers Morgan Live” was reportedly cancelled by the […] Continue reading →

Stark Raving Liberal: Piers Morgan interviewed by police in hacking case

 CNN host Piers Morgan confirmed Friday that he has been interviewed by British police investigating suspected conspiracy to intercept telephone voicemails. In a statement released by his spokesman, Morgan said he was interviewed last Dec. 6. “This was further to a full witness statement I had already freely provided,” he said. “I attended that interview […] Continue reading →

Are True Christians Persecuted in America?

Michael Youssef You better believe it! Sure, if you only equate persecution with those who are burned alive inside churches like Islamists do to Christians in Nigeria, then we are not. If you mean persecution only applies to those who are beheaded with a dull-edge sword as Islamists do to Christians in Syria, then again, […] Continue reading →

Piers Morgan: Say, Isn’t Ambassador Stevens to Blame For His Own Death In Benghazi?

A bipartisan Senate intelligence committee report on Benghazi was released this week, which placed blame on the State Department and intelligence agencies for the failures that led to the death of four Americans on Sept. 11, 2012. Discussing the report’s findings with Piers Morgan, Sen. John McCain laid into the State Department and former Secretary […] Continue reading →

Glenn Beck Calls Chris Christie ‘a Fat Nightmare’

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck blasted Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie , calling him “a fat nightmare” and labeling him as a “progressive.” “Chris Christie is a fat nightmare,” Beck told conservative interviewer S.E. Cupp on “Piers Morgan Live” on CNN. “He is a nightmare.” Story continues below video. Even as Cupp rattled off some […] Continue reading →

CNN�s Liberal Piers Morgan Must Go

Our founders wisely included the Second Amendment in our Constitution because the right to keep and bear arms was one of the abiding principles for which they had waged the Revolution. And for those of you who have forgotten your American history or for the Common Core types among you, those who failed to receive […] Continue reading →