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Thomas Sowell: Cruz Control? Part II

 Senator Ted Cruz is a hero in some Republican circles — and the opposite among many of his Senate Republican colleagues. At this crucial juncture in the history of America, internal battles within the only party that can turn things around are the last thing Americans need. Moreover, each side in this political civil war […] Continue reading →

Mr. Speaker’s Crocodile Tears

Erick Erickson, It is an odd fight. Such a weird little battle over meaningless and known outcomes. Conservatives, aware because of press reports and congressional leaks, knew what would be in the Paul Ryan-drafted budget plan. The conservative groups released statements in opposition to the plan based on what they had been told. But there […] Continue reading →

A Deal to Continue the Bickering Through Feb 7

Mike Shedlock,   Even though Republicans hold a majority in the House, Speaker John Boehner failed to muster enough votes for two proposals he floated. Is that a sign of ineptitude, weakness, or that the House was hijacked by no-compromise Tea-partiers in a complete fool’s mission? Regardless, Senate Leaders Reached Agreement on budget deal to end […] Continue reading →