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THE NFL�S BIGGEST THUG! it’s Roger Goodell

By John J Kirkwood, “In a world full of false teeth, fake tatas, imaginary girlfriends, Carlos Danger, phony birth certificates, debt clocks that stop functioning, politicians that pass laws they don’t read, celebrities with no discernible talents, Christians against Christ, president’s that don’t inhale, presidents that do, and Bruce Jenner’s jowls; it’s freaking refreshing to […] Continue reading →

Nearly One in Five Members of Congress Gets Paid Twice

By Shane Goldmacher They draw government pensions from previous work in addition to their congressional salary. The practice is called “double-dipping.”   To solve the debt crisis, Americans—who are already suffering in these tough economic times—will have to make even more sacrifices, Rep. Mike Coffman told his House colleagues last year. So, leaning on his […] Continue reading →