IRS hearings: ‘This scandal is not over. The lying has not stopped.’

 Cleta Mitchell, attorney for an assortment of Tea Party groups that received very special attention from Barack Obama’s politicized Internal Revenue Service, lowered the boom on what she described as a “sham, non-existent” Justice Department investigation of the scandal during House Ways and Means Committee hearings on Thursday: “I want to make three primary points […] Read More →

DOJ Stops the Top IRS Scandal Investigator from Testifying Before Congress

 Ironically enough, there is no justice to be found in Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. He refuses to allow the lead IRS scandal investigator to testify before Congress.   This news comes shortly after the government’s internal “investigation” — led by a very generous Obama donor — found that there was nothing illegal […] Read More →

Obama Using the IRS to Quash Dissent

George Landrith,  When the House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Oversight grills the Internal Revenue Service’s John Koskinen next week about his scandal-plagued agency, it would do well to ask him to defend its proposed guidelines for the operation of “social welfare groups.” If finalized as written, these guidelines would effectively “gag” many organizations that […] Read More →

Key numbers to know for filing 2013 tax returns

 Numbers to know when filing your 2013 tax returns, according to the Internal Revenue Service: PERSONAL EXEMPTION: —Each personal or dependent exemption is worth $3,900. STANDARD DEDUCTION: —$12,200 for married couples filing a joint return, and qualifying widows and widowers. —$6,100 for singles and married individuals filing separate returns. —$8,950 for heads of household. Taxpayers […] Read More →

Obama Moves to Weaponize IRS

Matt Barber,   In 2010 millions of American tea-party constitutionalists, to include the GOP’s Christian base, united in a remarkable grass-roots effort to rein in our unbridled federal government and return it to its expressly limited constitutional confines. As a result, an unprecedented number of counter-constitutionalist lawmakers (read: liberal Democrats) were swept from office. The Obama […] Read More →