Growing Threats Against the U.S. Constitution

John Birch Society – by Art Thomson  In this week’s analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses several threats to the United States Constitution, primarily those from sovereignty-destroying free trade agreements and the growing calls for an Article V constitutional convention;  how multilateral free trade agreements and partnerships, such as the North […] Read More →

Washington red-faced after top US diplomat caught on tape saying ‘f*** the EU’

times of India  KIEV, Ukraine: The United States tried to contain fallout on Friday from a leaked phone conversation in which a top diplomat uses the f-word regarding the European Union’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine. The embarrassing diplomatic incident comes as Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych was due to hold crisis talks with Russian counterpart and ally Vladimir Putin on […] Read More →

Winter Olympics: Sochi Scene in Russia

 No, they haven’t forgotten the 1980 Winter Olympics in Russia. Then again, it would be a miracle if they had. The in-flight magazine of Russian airline Aeroflot offered a breakdown this month of past Winter Games, with blurbs on each and of course including the 1980 Lake Placid Games. The 2002 Salt Lake City Games […] Read More →

History is a Weapon – by the Communist Party of South Africa

 First published: during the ’eighties as a series of articles in ‘Umsebenzi’; later as a single pamphlet for underground operatives. 1. INTRODUCTION This is a pamphlet about the role of secrecy in solving the tasks of the Revolution. Secrecy gives us protection by starving the enemy of information about us. Secrecy helps us build a […] Read More →

New Evidence Implicating Globalist Kissinger in War Crimes

 Elder globalist known for his Colbert comedy routine, not his avid participation in mass murder Henry Kissinger, as Secretary of State, routinely facilitated mass murder. And yet, as a prized high level globalist and Rockefeller confidant, this criminal has remains untouched. Firedoglake @firedoglake Documents Tie Henry Kissinger to ‘Dirty War’ in Argentina  11:27 AM […] Read More →

Obama Isn’t Telling Us The Truth About The Growing, Global Terrorist Threat

If 2013 is remembered for anything, it will be the terrorist civil wars that have inflicted death and destruction in much of the world, especially the Middle East and Africa. Deadly, often daily, bombings are a common occurrence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria where the ruthless dictator Bashar al Assad is killing civilians and […] Read More →