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Isla Vista Eyewitnesses: Two Shooters Involved in UCSB Massacre

Memory Hole Updated 5/29/14, : SB Police dispatch audio indicates “two suspects in custody with gunshot wounds.” Frequently initial eyewitness accounts of violent crime scenes prove especially helpful for independent researchers to piece together what actually may have transpired. For example, in the aftermath of the major political assassinations of the late 1960s, the Oklahoma […] Read More →

Ann Coulter: Don’t stigmatize murderers!

 Mass murder at a sunny college campus in a beach town would normally be considered “newsy,” but Elliot Rodger’s massacre at the University of California-Santa Barbara last Friday is getting surprisingly little press. This is not a good case for liberals: The killer was an immigrant, a person of color, and the majority of his […] Read More →

Left Blames Second Amendment for California Shootings

Radfems poised to urge state action against gun owners and an intangible patriarchy  The Elliot Rodger shooting spree in California is a godsend for progressives. It not only allows the left to push its authoritarian anti-Second Amendment gun-grabbing agenda, but also provides a forum for radical feminism. Not surprisingly the Southern Poverty Law Center has […] Read More →