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The psychology of conspiracy theories

Why do people believe sometimes outlandish conspiracy theories? You need to look beyond the individual to start to understand, explains Jovan Byford. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you… There is a curious relationship between psychology and the study of conspiracy theories. Historians, philosophers, sociologists and political scientists often present […] Continue reading →

Obama�s �I Am Not a Crook

Obama Says America Is Not a Banana Republic and We Have to Pay Our Bills …  What Do Experts Say? America’s top liberal communications expert is George Lakoff.  Professor Lakoff (who we’ve previously interviewed) points out that when a politician says “Not X”, people usually think of X: I wrote a book called, Don’t Think of an […] Continue reading →

Beware the Alinsky Method: Discrediting America for the Purpose of Communist Change

Freedom Outpost – by John Risselada Sometimes it can be difficult to put thought to paper, especially when you know your piece is going to be posted alongside some of the same authors that inspired you in the first place. What makes it easy in these moments is the fact that there is absolutely nothing occurring […] Continue reading →