Ted Cruz Says He’s “Embarrassed

 John McCain stands for everything wrong in the GOP’s establishment. He’s corrupt, one of Obama’s most important allies, and continually stabs the rest of the party in the back. Some are suggesting that he’s only a Republican in order to sabotage resistance to Obama — and that’s something that’s crossed my mind a few times as well.

The polar opposite of McCain would be senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. They’re principled, can’t be bought, and are doing whatever they can to fight against the Obama agenda in the senate.

In fact, Ted Cruz has even recently said that he doesn’t know of any conservative who isn’t embarrassed to have voted for John McCain.

The Hill reports:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) took a veiled swipe at Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ari.) in a GQ profile released Monday, saying he was “embarrassed” to have voted Republican in 2008.

“I don’t know a conservative who didn’t feel embarrassed voting in 2006 or 2008,” Cruz said. “I think the Republican Party lost its way. We didn’t stand for the principles we’re supposed to believe in.”

McCain was the Republican presidential candidate in 2008. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who endorsed Cruz in his 2012 Senate campaign, was McCain’s running mate.

McCain and Cruz have been locking horns since the combative Texas Republican first arrived in the Senate. The two have been openly critical of one another on a range of issues, including drone strikes, foreign policy, and the nomination of Defense secretary Chuck Hagel.

One thing should be clear: John McCain needs to retire ASAP.


Ted Cruz Stands Against Obama’s Tyrannical “Indefinite Detention” Powers

The final vote on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2014 was taken last night and is now on to the President for his signature. It “overwhelmingly” passed in the Senate with a vote of 84-15.

The NDAA, which is re-authorized every year,  still contains a provision that allows the federal government to detain American citizens for an indefinite amount of time without a trial or due process. Our Senators are supposed to represent us and I doubt the “overwhelming” amount of US citizens are okay with being indefinitely detained.

Ted Cruz was one of the few Senators who stood up for Texans — and the American people — by voting against it. He demonstrated principled leadership by voting for what is right over what establishment politicians consider popular.

He issued a press release shortly after the vote took place wherein he explained his “NO” vote:

Today I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act. I am deeply concerned that Congress still has not prohibited President Obama’s ability to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens arrested on American soil without trial or due process.

The Constitution does not allow President Obama, or any President, to apprehend an American citizen, arrested on U.S. soil, and detain these citizens indefinitely without a trial. When I ran for office, I promised the people of Texas I would oppose any National Defense Authorization Act that did not explicitly prohibit the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. Although this legislation does contain several positive provisions that I support, it does not ensure our most basic rights as American citizens are protected.

I hope that next year the Senate and the House can come together in a bipartisan way to recognize the importance of our constitutional rights even in the face of ongoing terrorist threats and national security challenges. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Senate Armed Services Committee toward this common goal.

The president should never have the “authority” to indefinitely detain the American people. It’s unconstitutional and immoral. Some might say we do not have anything to worry about, that our president would never abuse his power.

Well, forgive us for being skeptical of the man.

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