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Post-JFK, What Will the CIA Do to President Trump?

Jacob G. Hornberger, In a truly remarkable bit of honesty and candor regarding the U.S. national-security establishment, new Senate minority leader Charles Schumer has accused President-elect Trump of “being really dumb.” Was Schumer referring to Trump’s ideology, philosophy, or knowledge about economics or foreign policy? None of the above. According to an article in The

3 Lessons on the 25th Anniversary of the Soviet Union’s Fall

Jamie Glazov, December 25 marked the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union. On this occasion, it is urgent for us to reflect on 3 key lessons that the fall of the Evil Empire provided. They are lessons that the new incoming Trump administration must put into action immediately vis-à-vis our enemy in

Trump and Reagan: Walking a Different Walk

Matt Lewis,    President-elect also provokes and upsets, but perhaps with purpose. I normally scoff when people compare Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan. Reagan (unlike Trump) was at least a two-term governor of California before being elected president. However, I do concede that both men were effective negotiators and already successful before winning the presidency.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies at age 90

Longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the bearded, cigar-smoking Communist revolutionary who infuriated the United States, inspired both loyalty and loathing from his countrymen and maintained an iron grip on Cuban politics for almost 50 years, died Friday at the age of 90. Castro, who was the only leader most of his countrymen ever knew, outlasted

Legacy lessons from “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Robert Vaughn.

Lloyd Billingsley, RedsInGovernment.Con “The curiosity is not that there were undoubtedly many Reds that made government their vocation, but that the entire Communist Party was not on the federal payroll.” When did Red Scare witch-hunter Joseph McCarthy say that? Or perhaps it was that anti-Communist right-wing Republican Ronald Reagan? Wait, it was that McCarthyite snob William

Thomas Sowell: I am so old that I can remember when liberals were liberal…

Random thoughts on the passing scene: There seem to be fewer bumper stickers this year than in previous presidential election years. People may decide to vote for one of these candidates, but apparently they are not proud of their choice. It is astonishing that some people think that the answer to the problems of ObamaCare

Despite Slime Thrown by Media, Dems, GOP Traitors, Trump Can Still Win

Charles Hurt, LAS VEGAS — Donald Trump is still in this race, and he can still win it. Obviously, he has had a rough couple of weeks. Democrats and the Clinton campaign — by which I mean the media — have thrown more slime and dirt at the Republican presidential nominee than any other politician in

Ken Blackwell: Trumped Up

If you rely on press coverage of the presidential race you probably think everything is fine in America. No foreign threats. No domestic crises. No budget or crime problems. Certainly nothing important enough to warrant discussing where the candidates stand. Instead, we see stories telling us that Donald Trump apparently is crude like Bill Clinton.