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Netanyahu vows tough line for White House talks

 Israel’s prime minister headed to Washington on Sunday for a high-stakes meeting with President Barack Obama about U.S.-led Mideast peace efforts, vowing to maintain a tough line in the face of heavy international pressure to begin making concessions to the Palestinians. Benjamin Netanyahu’s defiant tone set the stage for what could be a difficult meeting […] Continue reading →

Walgreens Just Fired This Man Because He Refused To Kill Babies

 B. Christopher Agee,  The pro-abortion movement has become so powerful in America that adherence to its murderous tenets is now apparently more important than the constitutionally guaranteed right to free religious exercise. This tragic point was illustrated in the recent termination of a Walgreens pharmacist whose Christian faith prevented him from distributing abortifacient drugs to […] Continue reading →

Enrichment disputes hamper Iran nuclear deal

 Nearly seven weeks after signing a landmark nuclear deal, Iran and six world powers hope to reach an agreement this week on its implementation. But differences over Tehran’s push to improve its uranium enrichment abilities could delay its enactment and strengthen critics of the accord in Washington and Tehran. Both sides say agreement is possible […] Continue reading →

U.S. says talks intense, serious after Iran hints at atomic concessions

The United States described two days of nuclear negotiations with Iran as the most serious and candid to date after Western diplomats said Tehran hinted it was ready to scale back sensitive atomic activities to secure urgent sanctions relief. But a senior U.S. administration official told reporters after the conclusion of negotiations between Iran and […] Continue reading →

The Latest on Congress and the threatened Debt Default

Republicans and Democrats in Congress lumbered through a day of political maneuvering Saturday while a threatened default by the Treasury crept uncomfortably closer and a partial government shutdown neared the end of its second week. “We haven’t done anything yet” by way of compromise, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said after Senate leaders took control […] Continue reading →

Obama�s Communications Team Needs an Intervention

Seth Mandel Much has been said already about President Obama’s rhetoric regarding the government shutdown–John Steele Gordon and Pete Wehner noted both the president’s dishonest and overheated comments. But there is a third category that rounds out the list: the president is saying an awful lot of things lately that don’t make any sense. It’s […] Continue reading →

US, Iran talk nicely, but nuke progress uncertain

Iran and the United States are making plenty of friendly gestures, but real progress is going to be harder. A notable first meeting between the two nations’ presidents suddenly seems possible, but without nuclear concessions the U.S. is unlikely to give Tehran what it wants: an easing of punishing sanctions that have resulted in soaring […] Continue reading →

Mid-East Peace: Israel Declares They Will Give Up Land for Peace With The Palestinians

World Events and the Bible Tuesday July 30th 2013 peace talks kick off in Washington between Israel and the Palestinians. Which is something we have not witnessed in a long time. Israel appears to be trying to make everyone happy. On July 23rd they gave the Vatican control above King David’s tomb on Mount Zion. Israeli […] Continue reading →