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The psychology of conspiracy theories

Why do people believe sometimes outlandish conspiracy theories? You need to look beyond the individual to start to understand, explains Jovan Byford. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you… There is a curious relationship between psychology and the study of conspiracy theories. Historians, philosophers, sociologists and political scientists often present […] Continue reading →

Bilderberg 2013: Andrew Kakabadse on How Elite Power Shapes the World

It’s the most important and influential conference you’ve never heard of. From June 3-6 heads of state will meet up with business leaders at The Grove Hotel in Watford for Bilderberg, an annual conference amongst the transnational elite that is shrouded in secrecy. High profile consultant Andrew Kakabadse has met many people who have attended […] Continue reading →

Soros-funded Website Laments Drudge Links to

Editor�s note: As part of the effort to attack Drudge and, the Soros-funded project Think Progress has come up with a spiffy little report designed to portray the alterantive media that drastically overshadows their globalist supported effort as in the realm of dangerous conspiracy theorists. As usual, they fail miserable, if comically. A ThinkProgress […] Continue reading →