The Obamacare Train’s Final Destination

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In its heyday, Cunard cruise lines used the tagline, “Getting there is half the fun.” It worked well because the “there” its ships were getting passengers to was a happy vacation in an attractive part of the world.

Now that Obamacare’s website repairs have “fixed” 90% of its problems, according to Barack Obama, we are to believe that getting to Obama’s promised land, “ half the fun.”  But believing this means believing there is actually a desirable  “there” at the end of one’s Obamacare journey.  Clearly, a growing majority of Americans don’t believe this.


Like all liberal programs, Obamacare relies on keeping the masses ignorant of what its final results will be. Obamacare has been popular only with his ignorant masses. The less they knew about the program, the more these greedy idiots liked it, and the better chance it had of  pulling America down into a socialist gulag.

When it was launched on October 1st, Obamacare’s problems made it a laughing stock; but Obama’s ignorant faithful dismissed them as “glitches” caused by Republican sabotage.

Two months later, we are to believe that Obamacare is not a train to a national concentration camp because a few tweaks have given it the equivalent of comfortable seats and a small box lunch for its passengers. Those who are not part of Barack  Obama’s ignorant masses know the train is still roaring toward destruction, no matter how comfortable it has been made.

Thinking Americans know that the problem with Obamacare has never been its website. The website is merely the wrapper for a stinking pile of rotting fish.  Making it easier to fall prey to Obama’s schemes doesn’t change this.

It doesn’t change the fact that Obamacare will cause tens of millions of Americans to lose their health care and be forced onto Obama’s train to destruction. It doesn’t change the fact that Obama lied to us and is still lying to us as he goes about explaining how we can keep our plans and our doctors, how abortion isn’t funded by Obamacare, and how illegal aliens  aren’t given free coverage at our expense.

If they were really smart, the Democrats would sabotage Obamacare so that their ignorant masses will stop learning what is in it. Obamacare is really only popular with those who don’t know what’s in it, and those days are ending.

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