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The Myth That Designating the Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist is Illegal

Daniel Greenfield, Reported plans by the Trump administration to designate the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s IRGC as terrorists has set off a panic among the media and the usual “anonymous career officials”. Obama had opposed designating the IRGC as terrorists even when they were actively involved in murdering American soldiers. The Muslim Brotherhood was a

Sheriff Clarke: Mainstream Media Has Abandoned Its Constitutional Responsibility

Milwaukee County, Wis. Sheriff David Clarke said that in continually criticizing President Trump, has abandoned its Constitutional responsibility to provide unbiased reporting on government to the American people. “The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC; they have become the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. They have abandoned their responsibility under the Constitution,

Media Lies About Anti-Christian Syrian Refugee Bias

Daniel Greenfield, Some of this is straightforward bias. Anything that President Trump says must be attacked and he must be denounced as a liar. No matter what he says. When he’s attacking what has become a major policy plank for the left, the assault is redoubled. But there’s another aspect to this. And Trump has

Race Hatred At the DNC, They’ve learned nothing from the election results

Matthew Vadum, White people concerned about their country need to shut their mouths and have their future dictated to them by radical racist left-wingers, was the apparently unanimous verdict of the angry Democrats seeking to chair their party’s governing body at a recent candidate forum. As Washington, D.C. radio host Chris Plante quipped, “They haven’t

Trump’s secret sauce for jobs? Enthusiasm #MAGA

John Moody, I had a George H.W. Bush moment recently. I hope mine turns out better than the former president’s did for him. Remember the widely reported incident during President Bush’s 1992 re-election bid, when he visited the National Grocers Association convention in Orlando and appeared to be unfamiliar with the checkout scanner exhibited there?

Victor Davis Hanson: It’s No Revelation That Intelligence Agencies Are Politicized

Furor has arisen over President-elect Donald Trump’s charges that our intelligence agencies are politicized. Spare us the outrage. For decades, directors of intelligence agencies have often quite inappropriately massaged their assessments to fit administration agendas. Careerists at these agencies naturally want to continue working from one administration to the next in “the king is dead;

Meryl and Madonna Pour New Whine Into Old Battles #JustDoIt

Suzanne Fields, Women are angry, this time with President-elect Donald Trump. But they’re mad about a lot of other things, too. They’ve come a long way, baby, but a lot of them don’t like what they see as they look over their shoulders back into the future. I’m not talking about the women’s march on

Meryl Streep bashes Trump, but applauds a pedophile

Todd Starnes, Hollywood’s utter contempt for President-Elect Donald Trump and Middle America was on full display during Sunday night’s Golden Globes. A who’s who of Hollywood A-listers unleashed a torrent of hateful remarks directed not only at the president-elect, but also toward his supporters (the folks Hillary deemed as irredeemable deplorables). The most aggrieved actress