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Finally: Jeff Sessions Confirmed As Attorney General (Liberal Tears Flow Again)

Matt Vespa, Sen. Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) attorney general nomination has been fraught with partisan politics and gimmicks. Senate Democrats pulled every procedural maneuver in the book to delay a committee vote on his nomination. On February 1, Sessions was finally approved by an 11-9 party line vote to move his nomination to the Senate for

Conway slams Democrats’ vow to filibuster Trump Supreme Court pick

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said Monday that Democratic senators who have vowed to filibuster President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee are in the business of “permanent protest.” “They don’t even know the person’s name yet,” Conway told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on “The First 100 Days.” “They haven’t even met him or her

Donna Brazile: Our Arrogance Showed in 2016 Election

During the 2016 campaign, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton failed to visit several working class states that she and her staff thought were in the bag. Her schedule screamed arrogance and clearly cost her the election, but several Democrats have refused to acknowledge the mistake. Instead, Harry Reid blamed the FBI, President Obama blamed Fox News, while just about everyone

Harry Reid paid former staffer $7,000 from campaign funds to paint Capitol portrait

Joe Schoffstall, Former Senate minority leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., used campaign funds to pay a former staffer $7,000 to paint a portrait that is displayed in the U.S. Capitol. The portrait was unveiled last month during a farewell ceremony for the long-time Democratic leader. Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Vice President

The Deep State vs. Donald Trump 

Virgil, 1. The War Against Trump Do the Democrats want Donald Trump to become the 45th president?  Of course not.  And how about the Democrats’ handmaiden, the Main Stream Media?  Do they want Trump in the White House?  Of course not.  And how ‘bout all the other affluent residents of the Washington “swamp,” which Trump

Memo to Senate Republicans: Don’t Model Yourselves After Harry Reid

Michael Hammond,  During Harry Reid’s 80-minute valedictory following 30 years in the Senate, few Republicans came to listen to him. In an institution which, during my service as a staffer there, was viewed a “collegial,” Reid was — not so secretly — regarded by many of his colleagues as vile and loathsome.  And the cornerstone

‘Tears’ and ‘fear’: Dirty Harry Reid is not taking Trump’s election well

Nancy Pelosi spoke with President-elect Donald Trump by phone to congratulate him on his victory. Hillary Clinton graciously conceded. President Obama called for a “peaceful transfer of power.” Harry Reid, not so much. The pugilistic Senate Democratic leader who is retiring this term issued a 473-word statement Friday railing against Trump’s election, saying it has

Trump is a true outsider willing to Drain the sludge from The Swamp

Bruce Bialosky, Legend has it that the District of Columbia was built on a swamp.  Though only two percent of the area known as D.C. originally fit the definition of what can be called swampland, a lot of us think it fits that definition today.  The expression “Drain the Swamp,” which has been traced to

Dirty Harry Reid says FBI Director James Comey ‘may have broken’ federal law

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid set off a firestorm of criticism Sunday after he said that FBI Director James Comey “may have broken” a federal law when he disclosed on Friday that his office was pursuing potential new evidence related to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server less than two weeks

Hillary: Bubble-wrapped candidate

Chris Stirewalt,  HILLARY: BUBBLE WRAPPED CANDIDATEThere are bubbles, and then there is Hillary Clinton’s bubble. As journalists pore over emails allegedly stolen from Clinton’s top advisor, John Podesta, we get some soundings on just how thick the walls are of the Democratic nominee’s private reality. Think back to March 2015 when news broke that not only

Clinton: “Secret” Envelope Has all the Hallmarks of a Hillary “October Surprise”

Michael Hammond,  So…….Let’s review the bidding. At the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton “pulled a Harry Reid.” As Reid did with Mitt Romney, Hillary used a softball question from the “moderator” Lester Holt to speculate on Donald Trump’s tax returns. In particular, Clinton hypothesized that Trump paid little or no income taxes. But unlike with