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Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder?

Chuck Norris,  After 5 1/2 bumpy years of controversial service, the besieged but bolstered attorney general, Eric Holder, resigned. But is this close friend and confidant of President Barack Obama’s really stepping down for some benign reason at a critical time for our country, or is there a sinister and strategic plan behind it all? […] Read More →

Social Issues Are The GOP’s Gateway To The Ghetto

Carl Jackson,  No one grows up with aspirations of government dependency. Social issues give Conservatives the perfect opportunity to prove they’re the big brothers to Americans and not the bullies. Can you imagine what America might look like today if the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, had not taken on the social issues of his […] Read More →

Ukraine Army Sees Worst Day Since Truce as Battles Flare

 Ukraine’s army suffered its highest casualties since signing a Sept. 5 truce in new clashes with pro-Russian fighters that are threatening to shatter a cease-fire that brought calm to the six-month old conflict. Nine Ukrainian servicemen were killed in attacks during the last 24 hours, including an assault by a separatist tank on a government […] Read More →

Dissent for Obama’s Middle East Policies Grows as Presidential Campaign Looms

Paul Dykewicz,  The approaching 2016 presidential election appears to be spurring former members of President Barack Obama’s cabinet to go public with their opposition to his Middle Eastern policies that allowed terrorist organizations to gain control of large sections of Iraq and Syria. Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s emergence as the […] Read More →

A Return To Republicanism?

Paul Jacob,   I’m a republican. You’re a republican. It used to be that most Democrats were also republicans. Today, I’m not even sure that most Republicans are republicans. But I’m hoping you are, whether you vote R or D or something else. Or don’t vote at all. This is not an essay in political latitudinarianism. […] Read More →

‘Why They Hate Us': A Rant Against U.S. Before Attack on Chicago Air Traffic Hub

 The man charged with setting fire to a Chicago-area air-traffic facility, paralyzing travel through the city’s two major airports, was consumed by the U.S. government’s “immoral and unethical acts,” according to a Facebook message under his name. The posting, which includes references to being under the influence of drugs, calls government workers “lazy and useless” […] Read More →

Monsanto GMO wheat contamination discovered in Montana

 Monsanto’s experimental genetically modified wheat has been discovered growing in the second US field in Montana, about a year after the discovery of the company’s unapproved crop growing in Oregon disrupted US wheat exports. The plants were discovered at a test site at Montana State University, where back in 2000-2003 Monsanto was conducting field trials […] Read More →

U.S. Outgunned by Extremists on Social Media Battlefield

 Islamic State’s 52-second trailer “Flames of War” opens with a black-clad extremist blasting a U.S.-made tank into smoke and shrapnel, a Hollywood-style message to the U.S. and its allies about what they can expect for intervening in the Middle East again. The nation that has produced Microsoft, Apple and Google now finds itself playing catch-up […] Read More →

Newspaper Calls For Mandatory Gun Confiscation

Govtslaves – by Bob Owens, a consortium of reliably left-wing newspapers in the Garden State, has published an op-ed calling for the scrapping of the Second Amendment: Having fewer guns lying around could mean they won’t end up in the hands of a curious child, abusive spouse or suicidal person. Having a gun at home makes […] Read More →

Is the conservative press legitimate?

Jon Cassidy,  This article originally appeared on Texas House Speaker Joe Straus wants a committee of journalists to decide which reporters are “legitimate” so the Legislature can limit Capitol access to sufficiently apolitical reporters. Straus made his suggestion to Ross Ramsey, executive editor of the Texas Tribune, during a public interview at TribFest, the […] Read More →

Who Killed the American Family?

Phyllis Schlafly,  The British press just reported the result of a new study by academics from Oxford and the University of London that children raised in stable marital homes are better behaved than classmates brought up by unmarried parents. Children raised by married parents show lower levels of anti-social attitudes and hyperactivity. Recent U.S. surveys […] Read More →

Pat Buchanan: Is Burger King an Economic Patriot?

 “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” Jefferson’s brutal verdict comes to mind in the fierce debate over inversions, those decisions by U.S. companies to buy foreign firms to move their headquarters abroad and renounce their U.S. […] Read More →