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The War On Terror Survival Guide

Matt Vespa,   Are Americans prepared to live in an age dotted by Islamic terrorism? That’s the question Dr. James Carafano–former Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army–asks in his new book, “Surviving The End: A Practical Guide For Everyday Americans In The Age Of Terror.” Dr. Carafano is a terrorism expert, and Vice President for Foreign […] Read More →

Obama Wants to Tax Your Savings…Really

John Ransom,   As I have noted previously bond yields continue to go lower, and Investment News reports that it has some bond managers worried that it means that the country will suffer a bout of deflation this year, which mean that the economy, might be, could be, holy cow, a little weaker than expected. Wow. […] Read More →

Government Housing is a Bad Idea

Star Parker,   This past week, following the nation’s celebration of the birthday of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the U.S. Supreme Court heard an important case related to landmark law enacted during the civil rights era – the Fair Housing Law of 1968. This case highlights how some policies that followed civil […] Read More →

Scott Walker Takes Center Stage

 Wisconsin’s governor needed to score at the Iowa Freedom Summit, and he just might have pulled it off. DES MOINES–One by one, close to a dozen Republicans openly exploring 2016 presidential bids strode onto the stage of a historic theater on Saturday, all with questions facing their viability. Scott Walker may have taken the biggest step […] Read More →

Ukraine Fighting Spreads to Key Port City as Rebels Attack

 Fighting in Ukraine spread to the strategic port city of Mariupol, which suffered the deadliest attack yet as pro-Russian rebels mounted an offensive across the country’s easternmost regions. At least 30 civilians died in rocket attacks Saturday in Mariupol, local officials said. The projectiles were launched from rebel-held territories, according to the U.S., NATO, the […] Read More →

Sarah Palin Says `Yes We Can’ Beat Hillary

Despite expressing interest earlier, she won’t say whether she will run for president.  Sarah Palin, standing before a packed room of Republicans in Iowa, cast herself Saturday as the judge of who’s a real conservative. And who can beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.  “Things must change for our government,” Palin said. “Look at it–it isn’t too […] Read More →

Ben Carson: ‘I Always Feel So Welcomed When I Come to Iowa’

Iowans, he says, ‘actually have common sense.’   Rising conservative star Ben Carson seemed to charm attendees at Saturday’s Freedom Summit, weaving stories of his upbringing through a series of topics including immigration and health care. Carson, a best-selling author and retired neurosurgeon, spoke in an easy-going style that alternated between sincere and humorous. “I always […] Read More →

Why Printing Money will end badly for the US

Zero Hedge  You are witness to possibly the greatest economic slight of hand ever perpetuated on a people. You may have heard the news, the European Central Bank have started up the printing press. They are soon to print upwards of €60 Billion a month. The crowds of economic pundits have collectively cheered. Europe stands […] Read More →

Facebook: Death Threat Against Activists “Doesn’t Violate Community Standards”

But Facebook will suppress posts users find “offensive” to their religion. Facebook won’t remove a page calling for the execution of liberty activists but the social media site will suppress posts users find “offensive” to their religion. The Facebook page Execute Chemtrail Activists and Geoengineering Fearmongers on Sight calls for the murder of activists planning […] Read More →

A Tale of Two Black Political Prisoners Who Visited the U.S.

Humberto Fontova,   When a recently-freed political prisoner who was foreign and black (and a former communist terrorist by his own admission) visited the U.S. in 1990 to request economic and diplomatic sanctions against the segregationist government that jailed him the U.S. media and political establishment went absolutely bonkers with acclaim and adulation. “The hero of […] Read More →

The Bloomberg Nannycrats Strike Again in Colorado

Michael Schaus,   Well, Colorado has proven that the Bloomberg inspired gun control legislation wasn’t the end of Nannyism in New New York. Maybe next the Centennial State will ban some high-capacity sodas, and put some restrictions on trans-fats. The Greeley city council recently decided to amend their smoking ban to include e-cigarettes… Because, as we […] Read More →