Stop AT&T’s Latest Attack on Net Neutrality


att-facetime-infographic-220x300 Stop AT&T’s Latest Attack on Net Neutrality  From electricity to earmuffs, once you buy a product from a company, it shouldn’t be any of its business how you choose to use it.

Then there’s the upside-down world of AT&T.

The telecom giant just announced it is crippling the FaceTime video calling app on its customers’ iPhones unless they subscribe to a more expensive text-and-voice plan.1 That’s right — AT&T will block one of the iPhone’s best features unless users pay more money for less data and unlimited voice minutes, none of which they need to use FaceTime.
This is not just an insult to customers, it’s a violation of Net Neutrality. Tell the FCC to take action against AT&T’s blocking.

If we had actual competition for mobile phone service in America, AT&T’s latest scam would never fly. You’d simply take your business elsewhere.

But we don’t have any competition. We have a market dominated by companies that force consumers into ridiculous service plans that make you pay more for less.2

Meanwhile, the FCC’s Open Internet Order explicitly prohibits AT&T from screwing over iPhone customers this way.

The rules state that mobile phone providers can’t “block applications that compete with the provider’s voice or video telephony services.