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Ebola is an Economic Catastrophe

Wayne Allyn Root,   Everyone has it wrong. Americans are frightened to death of the medical implications of Ebola- as well they should be. I’ve never in my lifetime seen a disease that has infected and killed so many stock market crash. Unfortunately I might have also been the first American to experience damage from Ebola […] Read More →

Dem. approval rating lowest in 30 years

Trouble Looms for Obama, Democrats with Election Day 2014 Approaching  Barack Obama and his political party are heading into the midterm elections in trouble. The president’s 40 percent job approval rating in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll is the lowest of his career – and the Democratic Party’s popularity is its weakest in polling […] Read More →

United States Sharp Drop in Economic Freedom is Driven by “Decline in Rule of Law”

Liberty Blitzkrieg – by Michael Krieger  The increased use of eminent domain to transfer property to powerful political interests, the ramifications of the wars on terrorism and drugs, and the violation of the property rights of bondholders in the auto-bailout case have weakened the tradition of strong adherence to the rule of law in United States. We believe these […] Read More →

‘In Putin’s mind, Ukraine is not a nation’

How dangerous is Vladimir Putin?  Reuters Editor-at-Large Sir Harold Evans moderated a panel of experts searching for answers to that question at a Newsmaker event hosted at the company’s Times Square offices in New York on Oct. 14.  The panel was comprised of New Yorker Editor David Remnick, author of the award winning Lenin’s Tomb, […] Read More →

Debate Night: Ebola, schools and the middle class

 Questions about Ebola, schools hit hard by budget cuts and an argument over who is a better friend to the middle class were among the talking points during nearly a dozen debates Tuesday ahead of next month’s midterm elections. Highlights of some of those debates: ____ ARIZONA: SCHOOLS, ECONOMY Different philosophies on growing the state’s […] Read More →

Hollywood Stars So Stupid They Can’t Think Properly

Jeff Crouere,  Even in their darkest hour, Democrats can still count on one group to support them, Hollywood. The land of make believe is filled with hopelessly liberal fools who continue to give major donations to Democrat Party leaders. In recent days, Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama […] Read More →

World economies warn of global risks, call for bold action

 The International Monetary Fund’s member countries on Saturday said bold action was needed to bolster the global economic recovery and they urged governments not to squelch growth by tightening budgets too drastically, although Germany poured cold water on the idea of a new global “crisis.” With Japan’s economy floundering, the euro zone at risk of […] Read More →

Obama tells plant manager his health-care costs are rising because he doesn’t know how to shop

by Mary Katharine Ham,  President Obama was in Indiana today to tout the dropping unemployment rate, brag about bailouts, and studiously ignore the shrinking national work force today at an economics speech. Obama toured Millennium Steel Service in Princeton, Ind., a major supplier for Toyota’s manufacturing plant, on National Manufacturing Day, before the company’s president, […] Read More →

U.S. jobless rate falls to six-year low in September?

 U.S. employers stepped up hiring in September and the jobless rate fell to a six-year low, which could bolster bets on a Federal Reserve rate hike in mid-2015 or even earlier. Friday’s report on hiring is the most significant gauge of the economy’s health ahead of Nov. 4 congressional elections. While President Barack Obama’s message […] Read More →