Make-or-Break Moment for Rouhani as Iran Talks Enter Final Lap

With two years of painstaking diplomacy at risk as the clock ran down on a deal to end Iran’s global isolation, Hassan Rouhani abandoned his usual caution to take a swipe at critics at home and abroad. Domestic opponents were indifferent to the damage sanctions had done to the “pockets of the people,” Iran’s president… [Read More]

Donald Trump’s resume backs his run for president

So Donald Trump — New York’s charismatic multibillionaire businessman — has thrown his hat into the 2016 presidential ring. While many question his presence in the race, 2016 may be the year in which America is in desperate need of a suave, successful businessperson like Trump — or former HP CEO Carly Fiorina — to… [Read More]

Report Shows Sustainability Movement Hurts Higher Education

Danni Ondraskova,  The National Association of Scholars (NAS) recently published a summary of a 260-page report on the ideology of sustainability that has overtaken U.S. colleges and universities. Every U.S. state has at least one sustainability program on a college or university campus, with a total of 1,274 existing in the country, and only developed… [Read More]

Watch: Former Obama Classmate Just Made One MAJOR Accusation About The President

A former classmate of President Obama’s contends the commander-in-chief himself is the greatest threat to the country. Former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root asserts in a commentary earlier this month on Personal Liberty that “Obama is divebombing our nation’s economy the same way that the Germanwings airline co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed his… [Read More]

Unfriendly skies to become unfriendlier

Jazz Shaw, America’s newly established position as a global energy leader, demonstrated by record oil and gas production, has produced all sorts of benefits for consumers. Gas prices during the busy summer travel season are down, heating oil and gas prices over the winter were significantly easier on the wallet, and even manufacturing has enjoyed… [Read More]

Obama’s failed trade agenda leaves wake of winners and losers set for Capitol Hill rematch

The stunning defeat of President Obama’s trade agenda has resulted in an odd mix of winners and losers headed for a rematch next week over an historic proposal that if passed would impact an estimated 40 percent of the global economy. The agenda was defeated Friday when the GOP-led House voted against a bill, included… [Read More]

Their state economies may lag, but Republican hopefuls still brag

Various Republican governors with an eye on the White House can point to tax cuts and other business-friendly policies they spearheaded as they enter the crowded 2016 presidential contest. But many of them can’t highlight robust economic growth. Among the handful of governors and former governors competing for the Republican presidential nomination, only one –… [Read More]

Carter Says Sanctions Alone Aren’t Deterring Russia in Ukraine

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said U.S. and European sanctions aren’t enough to force Russia to back down in Ukraine and must be bolstered, including with more allied military exercises. Despite battering the Russian economy, sanctions haven’t altered Russian President Vladimir Putin’s confrontational stance, Carter told reporters on Friday. Russia’s economy is succumbing to its first… [Read More]

It’s Socialism, not Deodorant, That Starves the Poor

Jeff Jacoby,  WHAT THIS country needs, says Bernie Sanders, is less deodorant. The 73-year-old senator from Vermont, now running for the Democratic presidential nomination, told CNBC’s John Harwood in an interview on Tuesday that because American consumers can choose from so many brands of personal-care products, kids are going to bed with empty bellies. “You… [Read More]