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The return of punitive liberalism

 Punitive liberalism never really went away, but it’s been lying fairly low for years.  The Left has been trying to reinvent itself as a central-planning technocracy whose wise stewardship of the economy can guarantee prosperity for all.  When they talk about tax increases, they stuff themselves into threadbare deficit hawk costumes with duct-tape patches, wilting […] Continue reading →

Obama Administration delays Keystone XL again

A vitally-needed oil pipeline project, demanded by the vast majority of Americans, has been stymied for years, while the U.S. economy sputters along.  The people want action… but a small group of highly influential environmentalists has made blocking the pipeline into a religious crusade, upon which much of their movement’s prestige has been staked.  Every […] Continue reading →

Tight Job Market in U.S. Cities Prompts Higher Pay

 To hire 10 to 15 project coordinators this year, Sabre Commercial Inc. has boosted pay 10 percent and added a 401(k) retirement plan. “It is an employee’s market,” said John Cyrier, co-founder and president of the 48-employee Austin, Texas-based builder. “We are definitely seeing a labor shortage in Austin and central Texas. I see it […] Continue reading →

Overtaxed and Underpaid

Rick Santorum  There’s nothing like April 15 to remind Americans that they’re overtaxed and underpaid. And President Obama and the Congressional Democrats are hard at work to make sure it stays that way. Tax Freedom Day—the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for the […] Continue reading →

The Real Pope Francis

Jack Kerwick  Pope Francis is once again insisting that he is not a communist, that his abiding concern for “the poor” is grounded in the Gospel of Christ, not the ideology of Marx, Engels, or any other communist. Back in 2010, while still a Cardinal, he felt the need to do the same. Why? It […] Continue reading →


 Dear friends, lets stop and consider the following circumstances surrounding the rule by a long line of elected and bureaucratic traitors relative to the damage they have inflicted to the foundational principles upon which the nation was founded and to the people whom they purport to represent, but do not. Consider the following and then […] Continue reading →

Will China Dominate the 21st Century?

How China Should Prosper in the Years ahead “Just as England led the world in the 19th century, and America in the 20th century, so China will dominate the world in the 21st century.” — Jim Rogers For the past two weeks, I have been touring the great Asian countries of Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, […] Continue reading →

College Isn’t For Everyone

Kevin Glass, Editors’ note: this piece appears in the March issue of Townhall Magazine.  In his first address to Congress after being sworn in as President of the United States, President Obama laid out an aggressive progressive agenda for increasing the number of Americans with college degrees over the next ten years. “We will provide […] Continue reading →

Obama’s Mind-Numbing Address to the Gullible

Michael Schaus  As an exercise designed to increase one’s pain tolerance, watching the President’s weekend address isn’t a bad way to go. And while watching the three and a half minute video isn’t completely unlike grinding a cheese grater across one’s forehead, I prefer the written word over watching a Harvard graduate read from a […] Continue reading →