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Rubio Says 2016 Decision Coming By Spring

 During a triumphant weekend, the Florida Republican shows why he should be taken seriously as a presidential contender. While hundreds of his supporters milled around a ritzy art deco hotel in Miami Beach on Saturday, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio lunched with his closest allies in a small conference room where he provided a detailed glimpse at […] Read More →

Underdog gives Chicago Mayor Emanuel a run for his money

 Billing himself as a champion of the poor, a Hispanic candidate with a catchy nickname could force well-funded Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a run-off election in the financially troubled city. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, a county commissioner and former state senator, is tapping into perceptions that Emanuel has an authoritarian style and has governed for […] Read More →

Obama Wants to Tax Your Savings…Really

John Ransom,   As I have noted previously bond yields continue to go lower, and Investment News reports that it has some bond managers worried that it means that the country will suffer a bout of deflation this year, which mean that the economy, might be, could be, holy cow, a little weaker than expected. Wow. […] Read More →

Why Printing Money will end badly for the US

Zero Hedge  You are witness to possibly the greatest economic slight of hand ever perpetuated on a people. You may have heard the news, the European Central Bank have started up the printing press. They are soon to print upwards of €60 Billion a month. The crowds of economic pundits have collectively cheered. Europe stands […] Read More →

Why Falling Prices Are Actually a Really Bad Thing

 On the surface, everything getting cheaper sounds like a dream come true. It’s not. The prospect is so terrifying that it’s prompted central bankers around the industrialized world to pour trillions of dollars into their economies to prevent a sustained drop in prices. The European Central Bank is projected to follow suit with an announcement […] Read More →

Stop Electing Judges

 Almost all candidates for public office have one thing in common: They have to be very good at asking people for money. Except if they happen to be running for judge in Florida, where judicial candidates are prohibited from personally soliciting contributions. They can, however, have surrogates ask — and they are allowed to send […] Read More →

What Do 4 Tons of Texas Brisket and Lady Antebellum Have to Do with 2016?

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the community of Republican political donors.  There’s nothing modest about the manner in which incoming Texas Governor Greg Abbott will take office Tuesday in Austin. His swearing-in ceremony includes a 21-gun salute and an F-16 flyover, followed by a gluttonous barbecue with 4 tons of brisket and 1,700 pies. The day closes out with a Lady […] Read More →

The GOP’s 20 Car Pile-up – Vote Here Now

Hugh Hewitt,   Mitt Romney’s entry into the 2016 race for the GOP nomination has caught almost every observer of American politics flat-footed. Almost. Some did see it coming. And their early entry is not for lack of alternatives. Many among the would-be nominees on the Republican side of the aisle are extremely accomplished: Governors Chris […] Read More →

To get up and go – and go again

Lawson Bader, We all love cheap gas, don’t we? Well, maybe not everyone.  Money magazine recently published an article with the head-turning title, “Cheap oil is killing my job.” It told the story of Marcus Benson, who in 2012 moved from Philadelphia to North Dakota to take advantage of the shale boom fueling that state’s […] Read More →

Losing Faith in JPMorgan, Two Churches Claim Self-Dealing

 Two U.S. churches’ allegations of self-dealing by JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) expose an area inside the largest U.S. bank that is rich in potential for conflicting interests — a trust business that invests in the bank’s own products. JPMorgan, entrusted to manage funds to support the churches’ good works, put its own financial interests […] Read More →