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Fox Executive Fired Over Flight 370 Charity Email

Fox executive of 25 YEARS is fired for using her company email account to raise money for the family members of those who disappeared on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Fox spokesman Scott Grogin said Darlene Tipton’s ‘conduct and communications’ violated company policy Tipton plans to sue Fox for wrongful termination The idea for fundraising came […] Continue reading →

Another Major Hillary Donor Pleads Guilty to Illegal Fundraising Charges

Guy Benson I say “another” because this is the second such guilty plea in the span of five weeks. First, the latest development: A wealthy hotel executive and Democratic fundraiser who supported Hillary Clinton for president pleaded guilty Thursday to charges he secretly funneled more than $180,000 in illegal campaign contributions to three unnamed candidates […] Continue reading →

Good news: Social Security will stop robbing kids to pay for their parents’ debts

Happy Tax Day, America!  According to the Washington Post, the Social Security Administration will stop looting the tax refunds of innocent people to pay off their relatives’ “debts.”  Enjoy this wonderful gift from your benevolent mega-government! The action comes after The Washington Post reported that the government was seizing state and federal tax refunds that were on their way […] Continue reading →

Another eminent domain horror story in Colorado

 Here’s a companion piece to the Cowmageddon saga in Nevada, where a lot of people showed up to take a stand against government over-reach.  ”Eminent domain” abuses are the sort of thing that has these folks worried.  One of the most blatant examples comes from Colorado, where county officials declared war on a couple that […] Continue reading →

The Democrat Party’s Century of Tax Hikes

Michael Schaus  The worst amendment to the Constitution is also one of the vaguest. The right to keep and bear arms might be simplistic, but at least it is direct. Our first amendment is mildly long winded and grotesquely misunderstood. However, the 16th amendment, ratified in 1913, stands as one of the most viscous deteriorations […] Continue reading →

Heartbleed’s Password Heartbreak

 Now that you’ve changed all your passwords (I did) in the wake of the discovery of a coding error in OpenSSL, the widely-used software for the secure transmission of data, it’s time to think about why the “Heartbleed bug” made it into the code and sat there undetected for two years. The problem can be […] Continue reading →

The Great Divide in America

Bruce Bialosky  People bemoan the divisions that exist in America today. On a recent trip to New York City it took a New York minute (actually seven minutes) to show the grand demarcation that has occurred and it is more like a rupture. We were recently in New York to celebrate my wife’s birthday when […] Continue reading →

Nightmare: Feds Seizing Money from Children for Old Debts of their Parents

 Thomas LifsonAmerican Thinker  In a case that is a perfect storm illustration of an arbitrary and incompetent federal government running roughshod over its citizens, “a single sentence tucked into the farm bill” had led to outrageous behavior. Marc Fisher of the Washington Post: A few weeks ago, with no notice, the U.S. government intercepted Mary Grice’s […] Continue reading →