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The Israel Vote: A Time for Clarity

Star Parker,  Freedom House, which publishes an annual report measuring freedom around the world, rating nations based on political rights and civil liberties, has recently issued its 2015 report. According to this report, there is only one free nation in the Middle East region. It so happens that it is the one nation that seems […] Continue reading →

America is Screwed Unless ‘We The People’ Get Baptized Afresh In Our Founders’ Rebel Spirit

Doug Giles,   For those who didn’t know this, our nation was founded by brilliant, freedom-loving heavy weights. It’s hard to imagine that nowadays because our country is currently being deconstructed by moronic, liberty-choking, light weights also known as “politicians”. In particular…Liberal politicians. Liberals, you see, don’t mind what you do as long as they approve. […] Continue reading →

Dismantling America: The ‘Change’ We Never Expected

Capt. William E. Simpson,   Americans wanted ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ during the 2008 election cycle, but never expected that the ‘change’ would involve having Marxist-socialists occupying America at every level from the top down, who are hard at work dismantling the ‘America’ that we all know and love. Led by the most corrupt and least transparent […] Continue reading →

Wikipedia to file lawsuit challenging mass surveillance by NSA

mainconservativereadfeb  Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that runs free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, will file a lawsuit against the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice, challenging the government’s mass surveillance program. The lawsuit, to be filed on Tuesday, alleges that the NSA’s mass surveillance of Internet traffic in the United States — often called […] Continue reading →

Pass the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act

mainconservativereadfeb Star Parker,  The Marriage and Religious Freedom Act was introduced in the last Congress – in the Senate by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) with 11 co-sponsors and in the House by Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) with 92 co-sponsors. This legislation will soon be re-introduced in the current session and should be given priority by Senate […] Continue reading →

Banning Homogenized Idiots

mainconservativereadfeb Mike Adams, Author’s note: Much of the material from this column was stolen from my friends Kaitlyn and Caleb over at Campus Reform (see I don’t apologize for the theft. It’s punishment for continuing to associate with people who post foodies on Facebook. I’ve often said that we should ban the rainbow flag from […] Continue reading →

Student Paper Mocks Terrorists, University Warns Not to Disrupt ‘Cultural Harmony’

Sarah Jean Seman,   The University of Minnesota has warned one of its student-run publications that it needs to be more “culturally sensitive” when it comes to terrorists. Naturally, they didn’t word it quite that way. According to Campus Reform, during the Minnesota Republic’s annual funding request, the university dug-up a cover from four years ago […] Continue reading →

The Defense Budget Should Be Increased

Laurence M. Vance,  The Heritage Foundation is the best friend the Department of Defense ever had.  So says the conservative Heritage Foundation, which is headed by former Republican senator Jim DeMint. Congress should increase the FY 2016 defense budget to $584 billion. The military is “degraded” and “needs to be rebuilt.” Gee, I wonder why. […] Continue reading →

Black Christians Love Israel

Star Parker In April 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. landed in jail in Birmingham, Alabama for violating a local injunction against demonstrations. Sitting in jail, he learned that local white clergy advised against “outsiders coming in,” calling King’s activities “unwise and untimely.” In response, King wrote his famous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” In the […] Continue reading →