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The Christian Example for Modernizing Islam

Catholics and Protestants once killed in the name of God, but eventually liberal ideas took hold.  Violent. Illiberal. Intolerant. Anti-Semitic. After the tragic, murderous events in Paris earlier this month, these adjectives have been applied not only to murderous jihadists but to Islam itself. Yet these words could just as easily apply to medieval Christianity […] Continue reading →

Spare the Blogger and Lash us Instead

Jeff Jacoby,   ON JAN. 9, the government of Saudi Arabia publicly whipped a liberal Muslim writer, Raif Badawi, flogging him 50 times outside a mosque in Jeddah. It was the first installment of the 1,000 lashes to which Badawi had been sentenced — in addition to 10 years in prison and a fine of more […] Continue reading →

Right-to-work a question of economic development, fairness

Brigette Russell,  SANTA FE, N.M. — A New Mexico lawmaker wants the state to free itself from its dependency on federal dollars and oil and gas revenue and let the private sector grow the economy. That’s why Sen. Sander Rue, R-Albuquerque, is sponsoring two of five right-to-work bills filed by Republicans in the legislative session that ends March 21. Rue’s SB92 would […] Continue reading →

Here are the Top 10 Conservative Columnists

 With so many great conservative columnists and writers in the world today, it can be hard to know who to read. This list offers a mix of writers with different writing styles ranging from the serious to the humorous. Each of the columnists here write on a number of issues important to conservatives including economics […] Continue reading →

France’s Other Problem — Job-Killing Economics

Larry Elder,  Islamic terrorists slaughtered 17 innocents in Paris in an attack described as “France’s 9/11.” The two terrorist suspects at the satirical newspaper massacre are brothers, born and raised in France, children of parents who emigrated from Algeria. Some blame France’s failure to “assimilate” Muslim youth on their attraction to violent jihad. While almost […] Continue reading →

Pat Buchanan: A Triumph of Terrorism

 Western media are declaring the million-man march in Paris, where world leaders paraded down Boulevard Voltaire in solidarity with France, a victory over terrorism. Isn’t it pretty to think so. Unfortunately, the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, its military-style execution, the escape of the assassins, and their blazing end in a shootout Friday was a triumph […] Continue reading →