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Creepy Joe Biden rips Democrats’ ‘elitism,’ faults party for failing to reach working class

Vice President Biden offered a blunt diagnosis for why his party was unable to win over voters who gravitated to Donald Trump in the end: “We didn’t talk to them.” In his strongest comments yet on why Hillary Clinton lost the election, the outgoing veep who prides himself on his blue-collar roots in Scranton, Pa.,

Joe Biden Says He’s Running For President In 2020.

Jay Caruso,  That rapscallion Joe Biden is at it again. Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in, and Joe Biden is indicating he may run for President in 2020: Vice President Biden on Monday raised the possibility of a presidential bid in 2020. “I am going to run in 2020,” Biden told a group of

A Brief Look At Election Winners And Losers

Derek Hunter, Well, that was surprising. President-elect Donald Trump is something still surreal to me. As I type this I’m tired and in shock. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton and is giving his victory speech; I can’t help but feel like this isn’t really happening. It wasn’t supposed to. I read all the papers, looked

Meet Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State

Daniel Greenfield, Send a $200 million check to Iran. September 11, 2001 has come and gone. Countless bodies lie scattered in fragments around where two of the country’s tallest skyscrapers once stood. Some have burned to ash. Others had their throats slashed by Islamic terrorists. Still others fought and died on a plane to prevent

Trump Tweet Slams Serial Groper ‘Creepy Uncle Joe’ Biden

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shot back at US Vice President Joe Biden Monday by retweeting a link with videos showing “Creepy Uncle Joe” inappropriately groping women of all ages. The retweet links to an article on New York’s WOR 710 AM featuring two videos showing Biden getting inappropriately touchy-feely with various women and young

Why is Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3 Right Before The Election?

Michael Snyder Economic Collapse, The CIA has already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation. It sure seems like an odd time to be provoking a war with Russia.  As I write this, we stand just a little bit more than three weeks away from one of the most

Biden Declares Cyber War, Next Day Wikileaks Is Cut Off From Internet #FreeJulian

The Ralph Retort, The Obama administration is apparently psychopathic and ready for nuclear war to protect their darling candidate’s crimes from being exposed. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it seems like a series of events during the last couple of days are related. First, you have the Democrats calling Assange a puppet of Putin. Then

Disgusting Media, Disgusting Actors

Derek Hunter, In today’s “ready to be offended” world, one group will rise to rule us all – the pearl clutching class. They’re straight out of a the silent movie era when emotions had to be over-exaggerated to be portrayed without words, so outrage and shock were conveyed by women as clutching their pearl necklaces

WikiLeaks: Joe Biden Mole, ‘Friends Of Hillary Clinton’ List, And Sanders Camp Slam

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hit with the latest October surprise WikiLeaks emails on Wednesday morning — the most recent batch of the trove that founder Julian Assange says will end the Democratic nominee’s campaign. Since the Wikileaks started flowing several months ago, Clinton has found herself up against the formidable foe of the words of

Trump vs. Hillary: Three things to look for at the showdown in St. Louis

William Whalen, Prior to Tuesday’s offering in Farmville, the last such national candidates’ debate in the Commonwealth of Virginia was in 1992 – well before Blackberries, back taxes and beauty queens drove the presidential narrative. That debate, on the campus of the University of Richmond, holds two dubious distinctions. It marked the first time that

Kaine Reveals Emptiness of Democratic Policies

David Limbaugh,  Because of his stellar debate performance, some think Mike Pence was positioning himself for a presidential run in 2020. But if likability still matters, it’s likelier that Tim Kaine was taking himself out of the 2020 running. From the very beginning, it was as though Kaine was auditioning for the role of a

Reports: Democrats Meeting to Discuss Replacing Hillary Clinton on Ticket

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democrats are reportedly considering an emergency meeting to discuss the possibility of replacing Hillary Clinton on the ticket. Left-wing journalist David Shuster reported the news based on conversations with Democratic operatives. Hillary Clinton is seen as the last candidate standing who can keep the establishment in Washington D.C. from existential ruin, but she’s having