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Left Wing New Orleans Mayor Declares War on History

Jeff Crouere, It is quite ironic that the liberal Democrat Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, is trying to erase uncomfortable parts of the city’s rich history while simultaneously preparing to celebrate the tri-centennial next year. A world-renowned city known for priceless architecture and monuments is becoming less interesting, all because of Landrieu’s insatiable political

This Democrat Wants To Run For President in 2020. He’ll Get Smoked.

Frank Camp, According to sources close to the New York Post: “Gov. Cuomo has hired two Florida fundraisers, a sign he’s building a national network to launch a presidential bid.” The two consultants — one is former Hillary Clinton money man Jon Adrabi — will help plan events and build relationships with Democratic donors in the

Student Gov’t at University Demand ‘Test-Optional Admissions’ & ‘Free Access’ for Blacks

Frank Camp, According to The Washington Free Beacon, the student government at University of Wisconsin-Madison is demanding “free and full access” for “all black people,” as well as “test-optional admissions” for minority students. In a recent op-ed, Tyriek Mack, one of the students who sponsored the legislation, enumerates the demands of The Blackout Movement, of

Roger Stone: How Did Trump Win

Editor’s Note: The following is an exclusive excerpt from Roger Stone’s new book The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution. How could the polls have been so wrong? Virtually every MSM poll showed Hillary as a sure thing. How did they miss the Trump tidal wave? From the beginning of the race the

Trump’s Message: Go on the Attack and Stay on It

David Horowitz, An excerpt from David Horowitz’s new book, “Big Agenda.” Ironically, it was a billionaire businessman who broke the mold in the 2016 presidential campaign and brought a new voice into Republican politics. Instead of focusing on taxes and regulations, Donald Trump took up the cause of the forgotten working class, promising to restore

How a liberal Santa Monica high school produced a top Trump advisor and speechwriter

Lisa Mascaro, An unlikely story. Too-cool-for-school upper-class students at Santa Monica High scoffed when administrators in 2002 reinstated a daily recitation of the pledge of allegiance. Most students in the liberal enclave slouched in their chairs and chatted over the morning ritual, which was widely viewed as a throwback to an American patriotism that seemed outdated in the multicultural mash-up of L.A.’s Westside. Not Stephen Miller. Every day,

National Black Leaders Condemn Promotion of ‘Civil Unrest’ Against #Trump

Dr. Susan Berry, A coalition of black pastors is unveiling its national agenda and addressing what it calls “the current sabotage that is inspiring civil unrest against the new president. Led by Rev. William Owens (pictured), the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) convened in Washington, D.C. Saturday to formally “denounce racial over tones against

The University of No Characteristics Whatsoever

Mike Adams, Dear Professor Meinhold, Members of the Faculty Senate Steering Committee: It has been several weeks since I published my column “My Faculty Values and Your White Privilege”. In that column, which I have linked here, I warned you about the dangers of a resolution you passed condemning faculty members for publicly commenting on