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Is Turkey Lost to the West?

Pat Buchanan, Not long ago, a democratizing Turkey, with the second-largest army in NATO, appeared on track to join the European Union. That’s not likely now, or perhaps ever. Last week, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan compared Angela Merkel’s Germany to Hitler’s, said the Netherlands was full of “Nazi remnants” and “fascists,” and suggested the Dutch

Merkel meets Trump in clash of style and substance

She is controlled and cautious, a physicist from East Germany who takes her time making decisions and has never relished the attention that comes from being Europe’s most powerful leader. He is a wealthy real estate magnate from New York who shoots from the hip and enjoys the spotlight. It is hard to imagine two

EU parliament calls to end visa-free travel for US citizens

In what has been called a “visa war,” the European Union’s parliament on Thursday called on the bloc to force American tourists visiting Europe to first obtain visas because the U.S. excludes five EU countries from its no-visa policy. The Wall Street Journal reported that the request is unlikely to change policy, but reflects “hostility

Cronyism: Unions & Politicians Fight Norwegian Air’s Access Because They Offer Cheap Flights

Frank Camp, Thursday, ultra-low budget Norwegian Air announced $65 flights from three east coast airports to various European cities, and the airline industry broke into a collective rage-panic. The $65 flights are merely an introductory price, and don’t include a variety of optional fees. After the introductory phase, flights will be set at a still-thrifty

French Presidential Elections Unlikely to Launch a Trump-Style Revolution

Rachel Marsden, PARIS — First there was Brexit, then Donald Trump, and now it’s France’s turn to elect National Front leader Marine Le Pen as French president this spring and take France back from establishment elites. That’s the general sentiment expressed by conservatives on this side of the Atlantic. If only it were that simple.

America Snoozing: Europe is waking up. When will blue-state U.S.A.?

Bruce Bawer, There was a time, in the years immediately after 9/11, when I was reasonably (though not entirely) confident that we Americans would be too savvy to let ourselves be led down the primrose path of Islamization. I assumed that the alarming example of Europe – where the destructive nature of Islam’s impact was

After Brexit and Trump, can Geert Wilders pull it off in the Netherlands?

Bruce Bawer, A Patriotic Spring? While most politicians across Europe – Nigel Farage excepted – responded to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy with sneers of condescension and greeted his victory with either grudging congratulations or cries of apocalyptic alarm, Geert Wilders was an outspoken Trump cheerleader all along. The day after the American election, the crusading

German Official: We Regret Open Borders

RT, Says growing Muslim population a challenge for open-minded society. Berlin made mistakes with its “open-door” refugee policy, which “went off course” and saw hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers entering the country over the past two years, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble admits. The German government is currently trying “to improve what went off

UK Supreme Court rules parliamentary approval needed before Brexit start

Britain’s government must get parliamentary approval before starting the process of leaving the European Union, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, potentially delaying Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to trigger negotiations by the end of March. The ruling forces the government to put a bill before Parliament, giving pro-EU politicians a chance to soften the terms

Trump wrestles control from Trilateral elite, Keeps Campaign Promise

Kit Daniels | Infowars, In an unprecedented move for a politician, President Trump pulled the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership after running a campaign to kill the globalist “trade deal.” Trump signed an executive order to withdraw from the TPP on Monday, stating “it’s a great thing for the American worker, what we just