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In One Paragraph, Mark Levin Nails Republican Leadership

Frank Camp, On Friday, legal scholar, author, and conservative radio/TV host Mark Levin ripped House Republicans over their failed attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Taking to Facebook, Levin published a short, but incredibly powerful message, aimed mostly at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan:  “Mr. Ryan, you continue with your mantra, that

Narrative Change: ‘Evidence Is Overwhelming’ Obama Spied On Trump

Robert Kraychik, “Evidence is overwhelming,” said Mark Levin, that the Obama administration directed federal intelligence agencies to surveil then-presidential candidate and subsequent Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his team. Joining Fox News Channel’s Peter Hegseth for an interview on Sunday’s Fox & Friends, Levin cited seven articles – almost entirely from left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets – suggesting that the

Think The DOJ Was Corrupt With Hillary? Here’s The Proof.

Aaron Bandler, It was apparent from the beginning of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails that she would never face justice for her actions because the Department of Justice (DOJ) would not prosecute her due to the corrupt nature of the agency. A look at the political donations of DOJ employees reveals just how entrenched the bias for

New Conservative TV Network: Levin, Malkin, Steyn to Headline

A new conservative network has just been announced: Conservative Review TV. Conservative icons Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn will highlight CRTV, which is scheduled to launch in December. Levin’s popular online program LevinTV will be among the shows offered by the new network.  Malkin’s program will be called Michelle Malkin Investigates, in which the syndicated columnist will

The Libertarian Book of Trump

Ilana Mercer,  In a new book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” I argue that Donald J. Trump is the quintessential post-constitutional candidate. In the “Opening Statement,” titled “Welcome To The Post-Constitutional Jungle,” oldies will recognize a nod to the Guns N’ Roses classic, “Welcome to the Jungle,” as well as to broadcaster

Trump is a sports car, the rest are school buses #Trump2016

Greg Gutfeld, What follows are the variables that led to Donald Trump’s improbable but nearly unstoppable rise to becoming the presumptive Republican nominee.  I realized, as I analyzed these variables, how much they had in common with artificial intelligence, technological explosions, and Moore’s Law. He took the world by surprise. The surest way to reach

Mark Levin: The œStop Trump effort must not extend to the general election #Trump2016

Allahpundit, Via Breitbart and the Right Scoop, you can grumble about this if you’re #NeverTrump but we all understand, I think, that the vast, vast majority of the party will come around to his position by November, right? Don’t get me wrong, stalwart anti-Trumpers may have the numbers to fatally damage Trump’s chances even

Rush Limbaugh: I will no longer opine on the Lewandowski/Fields incident

Allahpundit, Leon Wolf titles his post on this, “Rush Limbaugh Admits he is Unable to Do His Job when it Comes to Trump.” I’m more sympathetic. There’s no talking someone out of something they really want to believe, and the more they invest psychologically in believing it, the more pointless it is to try.

We the People are Voting for Trump Because America Must Come First #TeamTrump

There is much heated discussion and angry invective flying over presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration plan, including some vicious crossfires between segments of the Republican political coalition. Meanwhile, normal people hear Trump’s ideas and think: If immigration policy is a law, then violating it is a crime. Why are we refusing to enforce it, and

Mark Levin: Obama Should Be Impeached for His Obamacare Lies

There is a multitude of reasons for which President Obama should be impeached, including Benghazi, the IRS targeting scandal, and his anti-gun agenda, among others. A top former prosecutor has even drawn up Articles of Impeachment, in the form of a book, laying out the political and legal case for Obama’s removal from office. One

Multiple States Launch Plan to Legally Stop Obama¦ Without Congress

The federal government has grown in leaps and bounds over the course of American history, far beyond the original intentions of size and scope that the Framers had in mind. The government has routinely ignored the Constitutional constraints that are supposed to limit it, and instead have encroached upon the rights and sovereignty of the