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Since When Did Sports Become Harsh, Crude and Classless?

Armstrong Williams, Some commentators’ reactions to the recent tragic death of my good friend David Modell, former owner of the Baltimore Ravens, revealed a deeply hurtful strain in today’s professional sports. Football fans are understandably proud of their teams, and in some sense as competitive as the athletes they come to see play every weekend.

Michelle Malkin: Forensic Nightmare, The Perils of Touch DNA

Have you heard of “touch DNA?” This mundane, yet menacing phenomenon exposes the double-edged sword of forensic science. With just an innocent handshake, an indirect transfer of epithelial cells, you could find yourself suspected of heinous crimes, charged with rape or convicted of murder. This year, I’ll be using my syndicated column and new investigative

Cost of Texas High School Football Stadium Swells to $70 Million

Jenni White, The price tag for the Katy, Texas Independent School District’s (ISD) new high school football stadium has reached $70.3 million, far surpassing the $58 million bond voters approved in 2014. Katy ISD is in a fast-growing suburb of Houston. It serves 73,000 students in 63 schools and has an operating budget of approximately

Michelle Malkin: What If the Convicted “Serial Rapist Cop” Is Innocent?

“To hell with Daniel Holtzclaw, and his tears.” — MTV News correspondent Jamil Smith “Drown in your tears, asshole.” — NYC playwright/actress Mara Wilson “Where is the widespread outrage? Where is the media coverage? Why don’t we matter???!!?” — actress Gabrielle Union Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw’s emotional breakdown went viral one year

Why The Government Is Preparing For Post-Election Chaos

Mac Slavo | There have been a wide array of reports suggesting that the U.S. government is preparing military and Homeland Security assets for widespread election fall out. Given the mainstream media’s inclination towards Hillary Clinton and recently presented evidence that Democrat operatives have been attempting to illegally influence the ballot box through falsifying votes and electronic

Republicans: Let’s Forgive Donald Trump and Move On #StandwithTrump

Katie Nations, Lifezette  Pride should not get in the way of doing what’s right for our great country. I cringed when I read the transcript. And then, I could not resist — I watched the video and listened to the audio. The words Donald Trump said 11 years ago are repulsive. The idea that someone would

The Experience of a Lifetime, a 9/11 Remembrance

Bruce Bialosky,  This is a reprint of a column published about our experience from fifteen years ago on 9/11 and thereafter. It is being re-run with the hope that you will recall what your own experience was that day while contemplating the importance of our goal to win the war against the terrorists.  I knew

Cleveland beefs up security measures in wake of Nice terror attack

The area around the Republican National Convention site in Cleveland increased security measures Friday to thwart a similar attack to what occurred in Nice, France Thursday, adding concrete traffic dividers and tall metal fences. According to Reuters, security experts said police, U.S. Secret Service agents and other law enforcement officials have viewed vehicles – similar

What If the Orlando Murderer Were a Christian?

Dennis Prager,  Many people are surely asking, “What if the gunman from the Orlando, Florida shooting were a Christian?” Why? Because little would be said by the mainstream media and leading Democratic politicians — from the president on down — if the murderer were an anti-gay Christian. The most obvious difference is that the media

These ˜Patriots’ Want To Protect The Constitution¦By Any Means Necessary

A fast-growing U.S. movement armed with guns and the Constitution sees a dire threat to liberty. REDMOND, Ore. — B.J. Soper took aim with his AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and fired a dozen shots at a human silhouette target. Soper’s wife and their 16-year-old daughter practiced drawing pistols. Then Soper helped his 4-year-old daughter, in pink sneakers

Is A Second American Revolution Now Inevitable?

Brandon Smith | Alt-Market blog “Stand your ground.  Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” – Militia Captain John Parker at the Battle Of Lexington  Just a couple days ago, two armed assailants, a married couple purported by the mainstream media to be “white supremacists” and